“Issues like detention without trial should never be seen in the light of South Africa. A South African fight was a fight for justice that everyone was treated equally before the law,” Zuma told a news conference on Sunday. Accommodation in Nkandla.

Zuma has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of the Constitutional Court for refusing to face questions from an anti-corruption commission investigating allegations of corruption during his presidency.

He is due to surrender by the end of Sunday, but the court agreed to hear a waiver application on July 12.

Former South African President Jacob Zuma delays jail term over last-minute legal strategy

The Trial9-year-old former leader claimed, “It was claimed that” without trial I was sentenced to life in prison, a matter that strikes a chord with all those who cherish freedom and the rule of law. ” “There could be the death penalty


Zuma has long reiterated the notion that he was treated unfairly by the court system. He denies any wrongdoing.

Zuma faced multiple charges of fraud, forgery and corruption in connection with an arms deal in the late 1990s. He was found to have violated the constitution by using government funds to promote his scenic residence in Nakandala, and was the focus of multiple allegations of greater graft while he was president.

He claims he wants to face justice and despite his clear willingness to go to jail, legal analysts say Zuma’s strategy has long been to avoid facing trial in court on multiple corruption or questioning allegations in the Anti-Corruption Commission.


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