“Your Silence Emboldens Hate-Filled Voices”: IIM Students, Staff To PM



The open letter to Prime Minister Modi had 183 signatories


New Delhi:

In an open letter, a group of students and faculty members of the Indian Institute of Management urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out against hate speech and caste-based violence in the country.

The signatories said that the Prime Minister’s silence on the issue was encouraging hate speech.

The letter came in the wake of a recent Haridwar Dharam Sangsad event where some Hindu religious leaders called on the people to take up arms against Muslims and commit genocide.


The letter said, “Hate speech and calls for violence against the community on the basis of religion / caste identity are not acceptable.”

The signatories said that although the Indian constitution gave them the right to practice their religion with dignity, there was a sense of dread in the country.

“There is a sense of dread in our country right now – places of worship, including churches, have been vandalized in recent days, and our Muslim brothers and sisters have been called upon to take up arms.

The letter was signed by 183 signatories, including 13 faculty members, students and faculty members of IIM-Ahmedabad and IIM-Bangalore.



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