“Yoga A Source Of Strength. When Covid Emerged, No Country Was Ready”: PM




There are several studies going on around the world about the benefits of yoga, said the Prime Minister.

New Delhi:


Adding to the conviction that the Kovid epidemic and the virus among them could fight the virus became a source of strength inherent in people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today. “Yoga shows us the way from stress to strength and from negativity to creativity,” the Prime Minister said while addressing the nation on the occasion of the 10th International Yoga Day.

“When Kovid appeared, no country was ready. At that time, yoga became a source of internal strength. Yoga yoga helps maintain self-discipline, it made people believe that they can fight the virus. Frontline fighters told me that they Yoga has become a tool in the fight against the virus, “said Prime Minister Modi, dressed in an orange kurta.

Yoga often gives us a way to overall health, he said, adding that there are several studies going on around the world about the benefits of yoga about our body and immunity.


“During Kovid, multiple studies are being conducted on the benefits of yoga on our body and immunity. We see that yoga and breathing exercises are being done at the beginning of online classes. It is helping children fight the virus,” said Prime Minister Modi.

Emphasizing the importance of yoga on one’s overall well-being, he said, “Yoga shows us the path to energy from stress and creativity from negativity. Yoga tells us that there can be so many problems but we have found infinite solutions within us. We are the greatest source of energy in the universe.” Said in a television speech.


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