World Soil Day 2020

World Soil Day 2020: 5 December 2020 World Soil Day will be celebrated all over the world. Every year on Soil Day the peoples of the world try to aware the other people about the importance of the Soil and telling them about the causes, damages to soil erosion such as heavy damage by the Deforestation due to the cutting down of trees unnecessary.

World Soil Day 2020

World Soil Day 2020 Theme

This time the theme of world soil day 2020 is ‘Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity’. Today we will talk about Soil Erosion which is our theme of 5 December 2020 World Soil Day in this we will tell you about Causes and Precaution For Future Generation.

Important Update: This Year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fao(Food and Agriculture Organisation) has decided that there will be no public gathering, no celebrations of World Soil Day in Universities, Schools, institutions. You can take part in online quizzes or competitions.


World Soil Day 2020, Things that Need to Know

What is Soil Erosion?

Soil Erosion: The process of washing down the upper layer of the soil by the inhabitants such as humans, animals, snow(glaciers), air, etc is called soil erosion or it is also called one type of soil degradation.

What are the causes of soil erosion?

Causes of Soil Erosion

  1. Heavy Rainfall, the upper layer of the soil getting to displace
  2. Surface runoff, continuously flow of streams and rivers
  3. Continuously Deforestation by Humans
  4. Flood cause heavy damage and with heavy flow
  5. Wind, uprooting of trees and plants cause deforestation
  6. Mass Movement, outward and downward movement of rock and sediments on a sloped surface due to force of gravity.

What is Deforestation?


Deforestation is the process of cutting down trees from the forest, which is the main reason for soil erosion.

How does human activity affect soil erosion?

Soil Erosion By Human Activities

  1. Deforestation is the main activity of human
  2. Farmers, by overusing of fertilizers in the crop fields
  3. Roads and Urbanisation
  4. Low awareness towards the people about the importance of soil

How to prevent soil erosion?

Prevention of Soil Erosion

  1. Afforestation, we should grow more trees and plants
  2. Terrace Farming is the best method of farming
  3. Windbreaks, we should plant trees and shrubs along with the agricultural fields
  4. Our farmers should reduce the use of an excessive amount of Fertilizers
  5. Farmers should use mixed farming method than the single crop in the agricultural fields
  6. We should also use crop rotation which enhances the quality of soil
  7. We should plant trees with highly deep roots

Awareness to the Peoples, World Soil Day 2020

  1. Make a group of peoples and tell the importance of the soil to the people who are not aware of the causes of Soil erosion and soil pollution(Stop Due to Covid-19)
  2. Tell the farmers that don’t use fertilizers for farming will help to reduce the soil pollution and erosion of soil.
  3. Tell the peoples that don’t use the plastics items for daily use because it is undecomposable harmful material which causes soil pollution and people suffer from soil diseases.

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