World Food Safety Day 2019 theme Everyone’s Business

World Food Safety Day 2019: 7 June 2019 World Food Safety Day will be celebrated all over the world. On World Food Safety Day the peoples of the world try to aware other people about the importance of Food Safety and telling them about the causes, damages, diseases, and different types of problems faced by the people.

World Food Safety Day 2019

World Food Safety Day 2019 Theme

This time theme of World Food Safety Day 2019 is Everyone’s Business. This theme shows that Food Safety is the Business for Everyone of the World to take care of their life and aware of their consumer rights that everyone should get clean, safe, and hygienic food from the producers.

Food Safety and Goals of Sustainable Development

While talking about Development firstly we should focus on Sustainable Development because it takes place without damaging the environment and also taking care of future requirements. So likely the Development of Food should also take place without harming the future generations from different types of food diseases and foodborne risks every year 125,000 deaths take place because of foodborne disease.

The Important Goals of Food Security

  1. Goal no. 12 – When all the countries around the world strengthen their technological, scientific, and regulatory capacities which ensure them that food is safe and of good quality throughout the food chain, they grow towards the system of sustainable patterns of food consumption and production.
  2. Goal no. 2 – If there is no Food Safety then we can say there is no Food Security. If we want the end of Hunger then we should have safe, sufficient, and nutritious food for a whole year.
  3. Goal no. 17 – In this Globalized world the food export became USD 1.6 trillion and its demand increased day by day it should ensure that food is safe. Food safety is a shared responsibility among food industries, consumers, producers, and governments.
  4. Goal no. 3 – If we do our best for the safety of food for its nutritional value, then we will be free from Foodborne diseases.

See the launch event of World Food Safety Day at 10.30 am on Friday 7 June 2019 at Rome time.

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