World Environment Day 2019 theme Air Pollution Causes and Precautions

World Environment Day 2019 : 5 June 2019 World Environment Day will be celebrated all over the world. Every year on Environment Day the peoples of world tries to aware the other people about the importance of Environment and telling them about the causes, damages and about all types of pollution such as Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Land Pollution and also Deforestation.
World Environment Day 2019 theme Air Pollution

World Environment Day 2019 theme Air Pollution

This time theme of World Environment Day is Air Pollution. Today we will talk about Air Pollution which is our theme of 5 June 2019 World Environment Day in this we will tell you about Causes and Precaution.

Causes of Air Pollution

  1. Smoke coming from vehicles
  2. Increase of construction works
  3. Increasing industrialization
  4. Burning of unwanted things
  5. Burning of huge fossil fuels in power plants
  6. Mining works
  7. Burning of Agricultural wastes

Precautions of Air Pollution

  1. Spraying of water on the construction site
  2. Always wear masks of good quality when coming out of the home
  3. Use more public transport than private transport
  4. Install air purifiers or air purifiers in your home
  5. Don’t go out of home when high Air Pollution is outside
  6. Don’t burn wood and plastics
  7. Dont’t use vehicle which gives low ignition rates

Awareness to the Peoples

  1. Make a group of peoples and tell the importance of environment to the people who are not aware about the causes of the Air pollution
  2. Tell the peoples that don’t use motor vehicles for short distance will help to reduce the air pollution.
  3. Tell the peoples that don’d use the plastics items for daily use because it release harmful gases which causes air pollution and people suffer from skin diseases.

What Causes Air Pollution?

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