World Day Against Child Labour 2019 Theme

World Day Against Child Labour 2019: 12 June 2019 World Day Against Child Labour will be celebrated all over the world. Every year on Child Labour Day the peoples of world tries to aware the other people about the problem of Child Labour and telling them about 152 million children are still child labor.

World Day Against Child Labour 2019

World Day Against Child Labour 2019 Theme

This time theme of World Day Against Child Labour is Children shouldn’t work in fields but on dreams. Today we will talk about Child Labour which is our theme of 12 June 2019 World Child Labour Day in this we will tell you about Child Labour status, Prevention, Causes and awareness.

Causes of Child Labour

  1. Main cause of child labour in any country is Poverty
  2. Over population in single home, parents don’t have enough money to take care of their childrens
  3. Careless parent’s not noticing on their children, not aware about the child
  4. Lack of education to the child, force them to work as child labour
  5. Mal nutrition of children by different types of people to work for them
  6. Children want to learn, but their parents didn’t think that education is important for them to get good employment

Prevention of Child Labour

  1. Required an integrated policy and programme in worldwide to safe children from being labour
  2. Required well education to the children of poor people
  3. Government should increase reservation for poor people to get them quality life
  4. Government should focus on government school teachers about their teaching qualities, help child become genius

Awareness towards Child Labour

  1. Government should make an authority which check the child labour around their country
  2. People should have responsibility to report against child labour seeing on their places
  3. Make campaign to aware all the parent to take care of their children and send them school
  4. Government should take action on the people who providing work for children on their field, shop, industries, etc.

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