Wisconsin GOP congressman pushes bill to ban critical race theory in DC public schools

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman raised a bill Friday that would ban Washington, D.C. public schools from teaching critical race theory – a controversial theory that suggests that systematic racism is a defining feature of American history and society.

Growthman said critical race theory teaches children to “hate each other and hate their country.”

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“In other words, students are being taught that they are defined by their skin color, not the content of their character,” he said in a statement.

Congressional lawmakers have the right to make laws that affect the country’s capital, because DC is not a state.

Fox News did not immediately reach out to Mayor Muriel Bousser to comment on the law.

Bousser has consistently pushed the state to stop lawmakers from holding the long-held congressional force over the city’s nearly 700,000,000 residents.


The “DC Public Schools Act and Critical Race Theory” was supported by four GOP congressmen, Bob Gibbs of Ohio, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, and Pat Fallon and Ronnie Jackson of Texas.

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Fox News did not immediately reach Growthman, whose bill seeks to ban critical racism in the Republican education system, the latest in a series led by Republicans.

Growthman’s home state law was introduced earlier this month that would prohibit the teaching of critical racial theories in public schools, the University of Wisconsin System, And the State College of Technology.


Unlike the Wisconsin state legislature – which gained a significant Republican majority in Parliament and the Senate – Growthman’s bill will probably not cross the finish line in the Democrat-controlled House.

The Wisconsin Republicans introduced the bill on June 19, 1965, after the U.S. government recognized the emancipation of slaves., June, known as a federal holiday.

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“How can we expect a child to succeed in life when we teach them that the deck is set against them and that they will be held forever by racist oppressors?” Growthman asked. “America is still seen as a country of opportunity around the world, as evidenced by the people who come here.”


Critical race theory, he added, “teaches schoolchildren that America is a terrible country.”

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