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NEW DELHI: An epidemic year that confined students to their homes, there was anxiety and fear as classrooms went online. Twelfth grade students, ready to embrace college life, were tentacles. It turns out that all these fears were wrong. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the results announced on Friday that virtually everyone has won, some of whom are disappointed.

The Class XII examination was canceled due to Covid-1 of and CBSE adopted an alternative method of assessment. Outcome: The result is at a new height. The pass rate is .3..3%, up from .7..7% last year, when schools under the Central School Organization and the Central Tibetan School Administration got 100%!



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The fear among students that the inclusion of eleventh grade marks in their final scores would be a pull on their performance seems unfounded. The number of students who scored 95% and above this year was 70,004, up from 38,686 last year. College principals say higher cuts are inevitable. The students in this bracket account for about 5.37% of the total number.


However, there is a slight decline in the 90% -95% group থেকে down from 1,57,934 last year to 1,50,152 with 11.51% students in this bracket.

These numbers are likely to rise as the results of 1,060 new schools, with about 65,184 students, have not yet been announced. The board said these are mostly new schools that do not have a reference year and the board is making their results “in the interest of students.”

Performance margins between girls and boys have shrunk this year. Girls passed 99.67%, with boys 99.13%. In 2020, the pass rate for girls was 92.15% compared to 86.19% for boys. This year, transgender people have got 100 percent pass percentage.


Under the new assessment policy, a school must consider its past three years of performance and select the best performance year as a reference. The thematic reference references for individual students may be between + 5 / -5 of the year and the overall average number of references in the school may not exceed 2 marks per year. It was the policy framed by the board to check the school’s Marx inflation. Numbers were calculated based on 30% of the weight of the theory material of the 10th class board, 30% of the weight of the class XI and 40% of the weight of the twelfth class in the unit term / mid-term / pre-board. The results committee of each school can decide on the weighting elements of class XII.

For example, Indian schools evaluate the performance of each student in class XII individually. A student’s best score is weighed in any twelfth grade exam. “Students are happy because most of them got more than they expected,” said principal Tania Yoshi.

Darshan Ram, a commerce student at Bluebells School International, who scored 98.25% in the top four, said, “I was expecting less than what I got. From a personal point of view, I was very happy. However, when I compared it to myself and other school students, it became clear that many of us are now in the same bucket. Cut-offs will increase and this could become a challenge, ”Ram said.


Academician Amita Mollah Wattal attributed the increase to various restraint levels and opportunities for students to improve their scores. “There was a lot of stress and anxiety. This was the best CBSE to give the kids a sense of accomplishment. There were a lot of restraint levels, so many opportunities were given at different levels that the children’s best scores were looked at. It was the best way to encourage students in this situation of anxiety and stress, ”Wattal said.

As the overall pass rate is the highest ever, CBSE officials say fewer students were placed in the compartment section this year. “Schools have crossed many boundaries. Students who fail to qualify in a few marks in one or two subjects have been given grace marks, ”an official said.

Among the regions, again this year, Trivandrum’s best pass rate is .8..8%, followed by Delhi 99..8%. Delhi has slipped from fourth place to second place last year.


Even among children with special needs, those who scored between 90% -95% have risen from 243 to 400 last year. 95% and then there are 129 in brackets, up from 42 last year.

Since the board did not conduct Class XII examinations, it did not publish the merit list. This year the board will issue a combined marksheet-cum-pass certificate for students.


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