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Online Deep-Skilling programs are enabling a new era of future-ready professionals eager to take advantage


India is on track to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world The IMF estimates that national GDP will grow by 9.5% and 8.5% in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, respectively. To achieve such results, serious steps need to be taken that require relentless efforts from professional, corporate and regional governments. With a 67.27% population aggregate of 15-64 year olds, India has a thriving workforce that is roaring to cover distances. Nevertheless, its progress is influenced by the traditional barriers to traditional, outdated education that rarely affect student employment. According to an IBM survey, only 40% of the sample size of 300 corporate-recruiting leaders are Indian executives, agreeing that new recruits possess job-relevant skills.

It calls for growing change in the state of education, a major part of which, thanks to COVID-19, is moving towards online methods of providing training. Awareness of career building in new age domains such as machine learning, product engineering and cybersecurity is growing, especially among interdisciplinary professionals who need:


  • A family educational brand to believe
  • An up-to-date course that prepares them for the future
  • Guaranteed to place in relevant work profile


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In this vein, NIIT’s online lineup, recruitment-guaranteed postgraduate programs are suitable for those who want to get ready for the first day job. As an established skills development aggregate with a 40-year legacy, NIIT offers an unparalleled network of 800+ recruiting partners who actively manage placement drives. NIIT MNC offers online programs based on the needs of hiring agents, with the assurance of attracting industry-quality job offers for candidates. Some programs include but are not limited to:


Regardless of the nature of the field, the marquee feature of each of the above certificates is a minimum CTC guarantee. Applicants to the program know in depth what their ROI will be and can set positive goals. The success of such placement-supported programs by NIIT is shared equally for the various reasons discussed in the next section.

Top 5 Identifiers of Top Online Programs

Online deep-skills guarantee the kind of effort and energy expected from elite working professionals. After years of refinement and revision, NIIT has found the following value enhancers that can help students achieve better learning outcomes:


Students with a laser focus on career relief find employment assurance to encourage their efforts toward the end of the program. All students at NIIT meet the required eligibility criteria, guaranteed to receive job offers from corporate employers. Recently, job seekers have come up with the issue NIIT has completed 100% placement for its product engineering batch. The Career Support Cell at NIIT takes ownership of providing an end-to-end student lifecycle. The goal is to overcome the difficulties of each student so that they can concentrate on mastering the subject.

WEF reports that more than 70% of professionals working in data science, product development, and AI come from a mix of different academic backgrounds. Given the volatile nature of technology, it is elementary that students adapt to coping with on-the-job challenges. The content of the NIIT program course is designed to cover the framework of tools and technologies that enhance employment potential. For example, students spend 60-70% of their time coding non-trivial solutions in engineering programs at NIIT which is a cakewalk of on-the-job assignments.

It has been reported that national level investments to improve India could unlock the performance of its population and boost the economy by $ 570 billion by 2030. While government grants cover the forts of formal education, private sector brands need to take relevant measures to provide equal opportunities for all.


NIIT receives hundreds of applications from graduates who want to expand their employability by acquiring new age skills, but still do not have a job. This is especially true of domains such as data science, machine learning and software engineering. Therefore, NIIT offers flexible payment options including no-cost EMI from advance payments, even a deferred EMI (if required).

It is good to have a comprehensive knowledge of the core competencies in your field to be relevant in the present time. But it is better to stay in a convenient place in the industry and observe the trends that are opening new horizons. NIIT adopts this idea to organize industry discussions with recognized figureheads in the field of subject matter. These modifiers share actionable insights into further conditions of the student-attitude towards the future and reality.


Revision is key to holding on to ideas. Just as students are required to complete off-line assignments, they are required to seek explanations or re-education of training modules. Each batch at NIIT is familiar with an internal collaboration tool where people can post questions and get resolutions. Those in charge do not have to wait for the next online session to clarify the questions. They can do it on an on-the-go basis.

Future-ready with NIIT

A healthy educational experience at NIIT awaits you. Through its virtual certification, NIIT is in a commanding position to offer CTC above Rs.5LPA. Whether you are a graduate, working professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, you will find a favorable environment for results-oriented learning at NIIT.


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NIIT is a leading skills and talent development corporation that is building a manpower pool for the needs of the global industry. It ranks among the top training institutes in the world due to its vast and extensive format of talent development programs. With a footprint in more than 30 countries, NIIT provides training and development solutions to individuals, enterprises and organizations. NIIT Incubated, StackRoute, to create a multi-skilled full stack developer as a digital transformation partner for corporates.


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