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The epidemic may expose the country’s expanding healthcare ecosystem, but on the positive side, this huge challenge is proving to be an opportunity to scale up healthcare infrastructure. “It simply came to our notice then. Although our physicians have shown great level and dedication in the fight against the COVID-19 challenge, they need a set of relevant healthcare professionals as well as a strong set of skills not only with domain knowledge and related skills, but also business management and administration skills, ”said Antarpreet Singh. , Former head of Asia Pacific-Alcatel Lucent University and Digital Transformation Specialist. He explained that doctors need to be trained in various areas of management such as strategic management, human capital development, financial management and digital transformation. “They are collaborating extensively with digital machines and artificial intelligence. With machine learning algorithms helping patients to diagnose and treat patients in such a situation, our business and technology schools have a great opportunity to introduce management courses with a duration of 6 months to 1 year. These programs can be distributed in a mixed format so that doctors can concentrate on creating a ‘balanced portfolio of managerial skills’. Such courses must include effective management skills as well as digital conversion skills, ”he added.


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Variable role
Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore, believes that management programs, especially in medical resources and challenging environments, can help increase the efficiency of physicians, especially in a challenging environment. “In this context, hospitals have become a new rule. Dealing with needs, subordinates and coworkers, and staying motivated, and carrying additional responsibilities to motivate others. Management education has always focused on tools and strategies for the above challenges, “he said.” Due to the growing number of patients, limited resources, lack of motivated staff and difficulties in managing one’s personal life, physicians have to use management training to plan and perform their training. In line with this demand, IIM Indore is providing a free online leadership management program called Credits to 100 doctors between July 31-November, 2021, which will help doctors develop discussion, conflict and change management strategies. In addition, the one-year-long online postgraduate certificate in healthcare management is in the pipeline with weekend classes.

Need for strategic mindset

Emphasizing on the changing pace of the healthcare sector, Sonia Shashidhara, Associate Director – Max Institute of Health Care Management, Indian School of Business (ISB), said, “Previously, single doctor setup was the norm. Since then the provision of healthcare has been much longer. New distribution models are emerging, and efficiency and accountability are being demanded as investments arrive. As a result, professionalization of healthcare delivery as a discipline has been effective. With this, new age physicians need to develop a strategic mindset on the role of decision-making and move from intuitive management to the application of time-tested management principles. This is where a formal management program can help. ”


ISB is offering a one-year advanced management program for clinicians, administrators and other emerging leaders who come from allied sub-sectors such as healthcare IT, biotech, pharma, etc.

Exact time of enrollment

Regarding what would be the right time to sign up for such a program, Shashidhara said that doctors alone could not influence patient outcomes and that there was a whole system, part of which led to a new system (business model) leading to the idea of ​​improving or developing the current system. “This episode of their career is the perfect time for doctors to enroll in a management program,” he added.

Grow a career


He claims that today’s healthcare systems are complex. “In order to provide profitable, high quality care, doctors must understand the business side of providing healthcare. Our alumni from our healthcare program have been transformed into extended management roles as facility managers, hospital COOs or heads of new businesses. Increasingly, a good number of our graduates are embracing entrepreneurial immersion in both technology-enabled startups and traditional endeavors. Shashidhara further said that what they are cutting is a changed mentality.

In addition to regular hospital settings, any physician who wants to continue or expand their practice after a course, the leadership and management skills they learn can add value to their work, “said Rajesh Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management at Group, IIM Kolkata. Offers programs where stakeholders can understand the current healthcare landscape, among other things, including health analysis, health economics and public policy. ”No matter how one chooses to incorporate these aspects into their careers, there is no need to move away from them in the current healthcare scenario. , A professional degree hassle-free and logical route, ”he added.


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