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NEW DELHI: Many top Indian epidemiologists and sociologists are urging authorities to open private school classes for all ages, saying the benefits outweigh the risks, especially for poor rural children who lack online education.

Experts say another Kovid-1 wave in India could be much less deadly this year because the dramatic increase in April and May means a large number of the population has already been infected and more than half of its adults have been vaccinated at least partially.



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India last month approved its first Covid-1 shot for under-18s, although so far only adults are being vaccinated. As new infections have stabilized around 1,000,000 every day in the past few weeks, some Indian states have resumed face-to-face education, mainly in secondary schools and beyond. Experts say this is not enough.


“Schools are an essential service. It is wise to say that they should be the first to end and reopen,” said a report published on Monday at School Education https: //roadscholarz.net, including a group of scholar economists and sociologists Dredge, who warned of a “catastrophic disaster”.

“In India, the opposite is happening: in the aftermath of the Kovid-1 crisis in early 2020, all schools were closed without turning a blind eye, and most of them are still closed today.”

The Ministry of Health and Education did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The federal government has left it to the states to decide when to reopen schools.


There is no education

An August survey of about 140,000 school children by a group of scholars found that in rural areas only %% are studying online regularly, %% are not studying at all and about half are unable to read more than a few words. Most parents wanted schools to reopen as soon as possible.

The reasons were that many children did not have their own smartphones, mobile connections were weak, they did not have the means to pay for mobile internet, schools did not send reading materials or it was very difficult to understand something for online learning.

The Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine, whose nearly 1,000,000 member doctors who have studied epidemiology, told the government in a report that it was safe to resume all offline classes after taking precautions such as improved ventilation, physical distance and masking.


Epidemiologists further say that the latest serological survey in India estimates that more than half of the country’s population aged 6-17 years is already infected, without any particular severity, with no reason to worry that future waves will target specifically obsolete ones. Them

“The risk of moderate to severe disease in children is really low and vaccination is not a prerequisite,” said epidemiologist and public health expert Chandrakant Laharia.

“Therefore, I believe that technology experts should not rush to recommend vaccinating adolescents in India. We must continue to focus on achieving higher coverage for all adults,” he said in an email.


India has given 701.9 million vaccine doses – at least one dose in 57% of its 944 million adults and two doses in 17%. In India, 1,222 new Covid-1 cases were reported on Tuesday, bringing the total to 33.1 million. Daily deaths rose 290 to 441,042.

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