What Will Windows 11 Bring for Your PC?

Windows 11 debuted last week as Microsoft’s next-generation operating system. The new Windows version will bring a new modified interface as well as a list modified in Windows 10 with a centrally aligned start menu and new startup listening including Windows 11 enhanced with multitasking and PC gaming. Additionally, the latest Windows OS update comes with the Microsoft Store which has a lot of underlying changes – including access to Android apps. Windows 11 sounds to provide new wallpapers, animation effects and a new experience

In this week’s episode of 36060 Podcast Orbitals of Gadgets, video maker Shubh Raheja and I (orbital producer Jagmit Singh) have all discussed Windows 11 with host Akhil Arora. The new Windows version comes almost six years after the release of Windows 10.


Changes to the interface in Windows 11 make it look similar to Apple’s MacOS and Google’s Chrome OS. You’ll find rounded corner edges across menus and windows and update widgets. But Microsoft has made some changes to give it its own flavor. These include, for example, a Microsoft team integration and an all-new search functionality.

Microsoft has removed some of the clutter from previous versions of Windows and a portion of Windows 10’s features, including Cortana and Skype.

In addition to changes at the basic level, Windows 11 includes support for Android apps that come from the Amazon Appstore that will be a part of the Microsoft Store in the future. Microsoft has partnered with Intel to bring its Intel Bridge runtime compiler to the new Windows version for natively running Android applications.

Windows 11 ARM Build Run is available on OnePlus 6, MI8 and many more


Users will also be able to sidload APL files Install the Android application In Windows 11, whether you need to access the command line to do this, or you just need to make sure you can install the app by just double-clicking the APK, at the same time, it appears that the apps available in Windows 11 are Google Play. Will not be able to use services that will limit the functionality of Android applications on Windows.

For gamers in particular, Windows 11 includes DirectX12 Ultimate, Auto HDR (the first Xbox series S / X console from Microsoft) and DirectStorage. The latter of these offers faster load times for high-end, AAA gaming titles. Plus, gamers will be able to access Xbox Game Pass directly from their Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft Office has received a visual refresh for Windows 11, 64-bit ARM support

Microsoft has yet to clear the air ahead of the minimum hardware requirements and those who will accept Windows 11 as a free upgrade. The company says the new Windows experience will be available as a software update for people who have the latest top-end laptops.


Initially, Microsoft gave Windows 10 users the PC Health Check app to check if their machines were compatible with the new operating system. It did, however, temporarily remove that application for some feedback. People with Windows 7 and Windows 8 are also not sure about getting Windows 11 on their system.

The Windows 11 Insider preview is now available for download

We talk a lot more about all those confusions and Windows 11 that you can see in our discussion.

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