As girls lag behind boys in the recent ICAI Chartered Accountants Final (Old Course and New Course) exams in July 2021, their scales may be favorable on a career-based basis. “The pass rate of male candidates in July 2021 exams is 13.22% and girls in new courses are 10.31%, girls have done well in terms of merit list. Even in the old course, where the pass rate of male candidates is 1.32% and the pass rate of girls is 1.89%, girls are far ahead of boys. If this positive trend continues for a long time, girls can create better CAs than their men, ”Nihar N Jambusaria, president of ICAI, told the Education Times.

There are no reservations for girls

Morena’s Nandini Agrawal, titled AIR 1 (new course), said, “The results indicate the ability to understand things better and it is not based on any gender stereotype.” “The number of girls joining large audit firms is growing every year and they are also working as senior partners in the Big Four. The CA exam is a level playing field where there are no reservations for girls. In the corporate world it can’t be more difficult,” said the 19-year-old. Who believes in being active with Trump.




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Currently following her articleship from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), Nandini has plans to take CAT and UPSC. He is applying for a job through an online portal and is discussing an off-campus placement offer. She said her joke is true in the case of most female CAs that they have the ability to be multitasked and focused. Nandini added, “Some of them quit their jobs after marriage, which is very sad, because they are at risk of losing their identity.”


For Ruth Claire DeSilva, 25, of Mangalore, AIR1 (Old Course), CA has little to do with personal caliber and gender. He agrees, though, that the financial sector is still male-dominated where the mentality is slowly changing.


It is important to include business subjects at the school level to reduce the craze for science / fine arts. We are taught science and arts till 10th class but are introduced to accounting and economics only at pre-university level. Incorporating it at the school level will attract girls to the profession, ”said Ruth, who finished the test in her third attempt, thinking it was her last and gave her 100%.

Repeated attempts

The CA final in July 2022 was Malvika and Krishnan’s third attempt, but she chose to focus on her mistake from the previous attempt. At the age of 24, the Palakkad-based girl has won the AIR2 (Old Course) and hopes that it will remind aspirants not to be discouraged by repeated efforts. “All the rank holders who are women this year ensure that we are working hard to fulfill our dreams. In a profession that requires multiple endeavors, top-ranked women show that we can overcome social pressures to prove our worth, ”she said.

While optimistic about post-epidemic women’s CAs where hybrid action culture is predominant, Malvika says it will bridge the gender gap because women don’t have to take career breaks. Dan Brown fans are overwhelmed with the modern workplace, as he is currently planning to work in the industry and pursue an MBA at a later stage. “In the organization where I did my articleship, they have scrapped a lot of old rules so that people with skills and talents are treated equally,” he said.

Leadership skills

Convinced that women can perform with the same level of competence as men and in some cases even better than them, Vivek Krishna Govinda, former chairman of Varka and Verma Chartered Accountants and ICAI Ernakulam branch, said, “Over the last few years, the glass ceiling “ICAI has taken a number of steps to encourage women to enter the profession, although much more needs to be done to motivate them to take the lead,” she said. Reading and they are performing very well in the workplace and in exams.We also have female partners whose careers are upward.

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