Watch: Navy’s Stellar Show Of Skills Across Mumbai’s Dusk Sky




The naval exercise at the Gateway of India is set for a great show


The glorious outline of the Gateway of India rising from behind the monument against a red evening sky and a helicopter – this was one of the most captivating moments of the Beating Retreat rehearsal in Mumbai ahead of Naval Day celebrations today.


A video clip shared by news agency ANI shows an exercise by the Navy’s Premier Marine Commando Unit, which is in charge of special operations. The drill demonstrated the rapid evacuation of marine commandos after a successful mission – also known as MARCOS.

The clip shows the helicopter slowly rising from behind the Gateway of India. As the altitude of the aircraft increases, you will see six commandos of the Western Naval Command attached to three points on a cord suspended from the helicopter.

Soon, the skill show takes on a new color when the commandos start a fire, creating three horizontal lines across the evening sky.

Another visual shared by ANI shows that Navy personnel and aircraft are demonstrating more efficiency and the performance of a Navy band.


Naval Day is celebrated to recognize the achievements of the Indian Navy.

According to the Indian Navy website, the Royal Indian Navy celebrated Naval Day for the first time on October 21, 1944 during the British rule. The idea was to raise awareness among the people about the Navy. It was decided to observe the day every year after seeing the response of the people. Subsequently, until 15 December 1972, Naval Day was observed.

In 1972, during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, it was decided to observe Naval Day on December 4 for India’s successful naval expedition in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. December 1-7 is celebrated as Naval Week during which various ceremonies are organized.



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