Watch: India-US Soldiers Play Kabaddi During Joint Training Exercise




The games were played as part of an “ice-breaking operation” between Indian and American troops.


As part of the “ice-breaking activity”, Indian and American soldiers played friendly matches in kabaddi, American football, soccer and volleyball on Saturday.


According to the Indian Army, the four mixed teams comprising the armies of both the countries have played a number of friendly matches with genuine athletic attitude.

Both teams have learned from each other’s game. Where Indian soldiers tried their hand at American football, U.S. soldiers participated in kabaddi with equal enthusiasm and vigor.

These sporting activities enabled the soldiers to get to know each other better, which would be important in the upcoming activities such as shooting, rappelling and ultimate legitimacy exercises added by the Indian Army.


It comes in the 17th edition of the Indo-US Joint Training Exercise “Ex-Combat Practice 21”, which began on Friday at Alaska (USA) Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson. The Indian Army said the 14-day exercise included joint training to conduct under UN orders.

According to the ministry, 30,000 U.S. troops from the 1st Squadron (Airborne) of the 30th Equestrian Regiment and 50 soldiers from the Mad T Madras Infantry Battalion of the Indian Army are taking part in the exercise. The 14-day training schedule includes joint training activities in a counter-insurgency / counter-terrorism environment under a UN mandate.


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