Recently, a heatwave has destroyed lives in Canada. The scorching heat outside became unbearable for the people. So, when candies melt in the thick puddles under the sun, we can all complain about it. Right? We recently received a video that shocked us. A Canadian resident shared a video of the incident (candy melts due to heat) and it spread on the internet in no time. In the video, the handle is posted from Attila_Thafun, we saw a handful of glue bears kept in the sun in a disposable container kept The video was shot in time lapse mode to show us one hour of development in just 27 seconds.

The variegated candies soon, distorted, melted into a fun pool of red and yellow and greens. All but one type of candy has given up heat. The caption read, “One hour to turn this pile of sticky bears into sticky pots this summer. Sour cherry glues are much more elastic. Check out the tweet here:

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The video has received a lot of response on the internet. Some were stunned, while others commented on how to make a big candy by freezing the same candy poodle.

“I put a bag in the back of my car and they almost turned that way, put them in the fridge and it turned out to be a huge treatment bull,” read a comment.

Another user commented, “If you get a cookie cutter and something melts inside you can make different sticky shapes. Although I don’t know that edible sun melts and cools down. “

Here are some more feedback from Twitter users:


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