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NEW DELHI: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) civil service candidates sat in an indefinite agitation in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar on Sunday, demanding extra effort to appear for the exams.

The agitating students said that they needed extra effort to participate in the UPSC exams because their preparation was affected by Kovid-19.



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“We have filed a petition in the Supreme Court and demanded extra effort as we are not fully prepared,” said Abhishek Anand Sinha, chief petitioner in the Abhishek Anand v. India case. “Many students who tested positive for Covid-19 have been quarantined and some of them have lost family members due to coronavirus. They cannot study in such situations,” Sinha noted.


“There are a lot of people in our team who are doctors and have worked day and night during that time. They are not ready because it was difficult for them to manage the time,” he said.

Speaking further, Sinha said, “Our first petition was filed in September 2020 and the verdict came on October 26, 2020.”

Sinha said the students had filed the petition in March 2021 and the verdict came in July, where the Supreme Court expressed concern over the students and said “the government can decide on this and hand it over to the government”.


“We are just saying that our demands are valid and the Supreme Court has upheld them. But we have not received anything from the government,” Sinha said, adding that the candidates were forced to start protests.

“We’ve had small protests over and over again, but students from all over the country have come here today,” he said.

Speaking further, Sinha said, “Candidates have faced various hurdles in exam preparation and attendance. The country and its environs have been completely shut down due to the Covid 19 epidemic and many have had to relocate to their hometowns. Candidates have faced personal, physical, mental, emotional And financial constraints. ”


“Many of us do not have access to laptops, internet connection, bandwidth, so we face digital dive,” he added.

“We are sitting in endless protest. We will collectively decide on future steps with full compliance with law and order. We all hope that both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah will listen,” Sinha added.

“For the last five years, I have been preparing for the UPSC exams and 2020 was my last attempt,” said Gaurab, a defendant from Madhubani in Bihar.


“Just before the test, my father died during Covid. And I was not mentally prepared. When the results were announced, I did not qualify. So we demanded that the government give us a chance,” he added.

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