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The University of Delhi (DU) is at the center of discussions for reasons including 100% admission cut-off, implementation of the four-year Graduate Program (FYUP) from 2022-23 and a serious faculty crisis. In an interview with Dr.
During teaching, Yogesh Singh, the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of DU, has shed light on the way forward for the University.

This year, DU has witnessed 100% cut-off for various courses across the college. Is it in the best interest of the students and if not, what are the options?



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There are different ways to realize this phenomenon. It is true that DU is a prestigious educational institution where millions of students apply for admission every year. High cut-offs are just a means to ensure that only the best enter the university. At the same time, if the highest number of students are admitted from an education board due to high cut-off, it is a matter of concern. India’s education system has various state boards and each has its own system of grading and identification. In order to be fair to all the boards of education, an alternative way of enrolling students other than the traditional merit-based path has to be found.

These concerns have already been raised and a committee has been formed to share research and recommendations on the subject. I think the first step is to find a way to normalize the marks and establish equality among all the boards. One option might be to take an entrance exam. We expect the committee’s advice within a month and will make the final decision.


With the implementation of FYUP at DU from 2022-23, what changes / additions can students expect?

With a student-centered approach, the new FYUP differs from what was implemented at DU in 2013. The key to the new program is an open and flexible curriculum. Discussions have already started on a number of issues in this regard.

First of all to create an academic bank. DU students will be able to go to their college if they want to take a new course or take a course under a particular lecturer in another college. Credits they earn at other colleges of their choice will be added to their existing Bank of Credits.

Also, teachers need to start testing. For example, flip a concept under classroom discussion. The teachers will provide a short video on the subject to the students a few days before the class. In this way, students come to class with basic knowledge and can learn from the next discussion.


Establishing appropriate physical infrastructure to help students in changing situations is an ongoing process. The University is ready to modify and add buildings and other requirements as required.

So far, providing appropriate technical support to all stakeholders is the only hiccup to achieve all these goals.

What is your opinion about the current faculty crisis in DU?


This is a priority for us, for which advertisements have been advertised and colleges have also been instructed to work towards recruiting faculty in a mission mode. The process of appointing principals has also been started for the colleges which do not have leadership yet. One has to witness a definite change in this case within a year.

Recently there have been changes in the BA English Honors syllabus at DU, changes in the curriculum are usually witness to noise. What is your opinion on this?

NEP 2020 demands change, but they must be done with some necessary things in mind. Decisions regarding such changes depend solely on the department concerned. However, most department members should be on board with the proposed changes. Also, the changes should be in line with our national interest.

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