UN Urges China To Cooperate With WHO On Second Phase Of Probe Into Covid-19 Origins

UN urges all member states to co-operate in WHO investigation


New York:

The United Nations on Friday called on all member states, including China, to fully co-operate with the World Health Organization (WHO) amid Beijing’s refusal to investigate further into the source of the Covid-19.

“We urge all member states, including China, to cooperate fully with the WHO, and if the WHO deems it necessary to provide more information, we hope that they will all cooperate,” UN Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haque was quoted as saying. By news agency Sputnik at the news briefing.


Earlier this month, the WHO called for transparency from authorities and proposed a second phase study of China’s coronavirus source, including an audit of Wuhan city laboratories and markets.

Meanwhile, Beijing on Thursday rejected the WHO’s offer. China’s National Health Commission has rejected the WHO’s plan for the second phase of the investigation, claiming its standards are “degrading” and suggesting the possibility of laboratory leaks being weighed down.

On Saturday, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Gherbias said the second study would include testing of labs and research facilities in the region where the first cases of Covid-19 were registered in December 2012. The new study is part of a five-stage plan that the WHO is integrating to identify where the coronavirus originated.


In recent months, the lab-leaking theory has been pressuring U.S. President Joe Biden to give American intelligence a 90-day deadline to find answers about the source of the virus.

A team of WHO-led scientists who traveled to China in early 2021 to investigate the origin of the virus, encountered obstacles while inspecting what China had previously studied, and struggled to get a clear picture of its little power to conduct complete and impartial behavior. Research.

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