Aiming to take a step towards the perfect therapy for the treatment of diabetes in India, two Indian students – Sushrima Gana and Aditya Shivram Nar – recently joined an inspirational program at the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom.

The fight against diabetes

Inspired is a four-year long partnership between the Global Health Research Unit of the University of Dundee, Global Diabetes Outcome Research and the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation. The program uses medical records to provide advanced care in diabetes, including an extensive patient data set (covering 450,000 Indian diabetic patients) collected by Dr. Mohan Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Center in India. They want to improve the outcome of diabetes by understanding who gets diabetes, how it progresses, why some people respond better than others to treatment, and why some patients have complications.


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I believe the program will give my research a broader perspective on diabetes

Ms. Song

Beating them

Currently, Sushrima is doing her PhD in Medicine at Dundee University. As a biologist, Sushmita’s role in the project is to study phenotypic and genotypic determinants of drug response to manage diabetes in different ethnic populations. Her work has contributed to a number of inspiring outputs, including research that has helped South Asians identify distinct forms of type 2 diabetes. It has important implications for predicting the risk of complications and focusing on those at the highest risk of developing them.

Aditya’s PhD research looks at retinal images as biomarkers that predict vascular complications in patients with type 2 diabetes. Retinal photography is used to examine the severity of retinopathy associated with diabetes. He is also exploring other valuable clinical data contained in these photographs which show that they are helpful for early diagnosis of vascular complications.

Aditya Shivram Nar

In the program, a group of interdisciplinary students is exploring different aspects of the complications of diabetes

Aditya Shivram Nar

Choosing this path

It was a close personal encounter with diabetes that inspired Sushmita, a postgraduate in biostatistics from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and Aditya, a postgraduate in public health, to join the program and help diabetics productively.

“Both of my parents had diabetes, and I was the first to see how devastating the disease can be. She has left an unforgettable mark on her family members who have lost their eyesight, kidney damage and other complications due to diabetes, ”said Sushrima, who has a bachelor’s degree in statistics from Calcutta University.

Aditya’s father-Mao was a diabetic. With a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Mumbai, Aditya has integrated his education in a way that will help him solve the big problems in the fight against diabetes.

Both students applied for the program because it would give them a broader perspective on diabetes in their respective studies.


The students did not face any specific problems during the visa or travel. “I assume that obtaining a visa was not a cumbersome process as the program is specifically designed for India,” Sushrima said.

Being inspired

This project plays an important role as it relates to the phenotypic data and genetics of diabetes students in India, which helps to take a step towards an accurate therapy approach for the treatment of diabetes. Aditya said, “This course has a team of interdisciplinary students, postmen and investigators, all of whom are looking at different aspects of the complications of diabetes. Therefore, the course has given me unique exposure that will be very important for the future.

For Ms., regular journal clubs and group discussions have helped her in her overall development as a researcher.

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