New Delhi. Congress leader Digvijay Singh in a leaked conversation with Pakistani journalist at Clubhouse said that if Congress comes back to power, it may reconsider the abrogation of Article 370.

“When they abrogated Article 370, there was no democracy in Kashmir because they put everyone behind bars. And ‘Kashmiriyat’ is something that is one of the core principles of secularism. Kashmir being a Muslim majority state. Being a Hindu king and both worked together. In fact, reservation was given to Kashmiri Pandits. The decision to abrogate Article 370 and reduce the state of Jammu and Kashmir is unfortunate. And the Congress party certainly Will revisit the issue from now on,” Singh said in a clubhouse chat.

Singh’s remark caused a huge stir on the micro-blogging platform. The Rajya Sabha MP faced a lot of backlash from several quarters.

‘Big self goal of Congress MP’


‘Digvijay lost’


‘Digvijay was the architect of the fake saffron terrorist conspiracy’

‘Congress can hand over Kashmir to Pakistan too’

‘Don’t betray the people of Jammu’

Kashmiri Pandits never had reservation in government jobs. That’s a lie’


‘Kashmiri Pandits faced massacre in Kashmir and were gunned down’

‘Difference between BJP and Congress’


However, there were very few who agreed with Singh’s point of view.


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