Top Democrats flip-flop on ‘racist’ voter ID laws

As Democrats seek to advance the Four Peoples Act through the Senate, some of the party’s top figures are changing their views on voter ID rules that they previously called “racist.”

In an effort to garner bilateral support for the work, DWVA, Sen. Joe Manchin has proposed a compromise. Someone will extend the voter ID law, prolonging the legal purpose for the GOP. Line from Manchin Memo: “Voter ID with authorized option (utility bill, etc.) is required to prove voting identity”.

Asked about the compromise on Thursday, Georgia’s former hegemony candidate and founder of the Fair Fight Action Action, who has long been critical of the Voter ID Act, said he could “absolutely” support Manchin’s proposal, even if it’s part of Voter ID. “This is an error in Republican talking points that is deeply mumbling. No one has ever objected to proving who you are voting for. It’s been part of our country’s history since voting began,” Abram told CNN.


But many top Democrats, including Abrams, have ridiculed the voter ID law for years as repressive and racist.

As recently as this past March, he referred to Georgia’s recent Voting-Rights Bill, which included extending the Voter ID Act as “racist” and “a redox of Jim Crowe in lawsuits and ties”.

He was not alone.

Also in March, President Biden noted that Georgia vote bills “look like Jim E Gall to Jim Crew.” Biden also referred to the Voter ID Act as an attempt to curb racially charged “corruption to suppress minority voting”.


As senator, Vice President Kamala Harris criticized 5th Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan for trying to undermine his nomination by criticizing him for trying to bring back a voter ID law called “racist,” an appeals court wrote. Treatment. “

Sen. Raphael Warnak, D-Gao, also discusses how he believed the Voter ID Act was racially repressive. “Working with this voter ID law, it’s not about voter verification, it’s about voter repression. They’re still playing the same games,” he said in a 2015 advice from the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Cautiously claiming he did not oppose voter ID laws

Furthermore, Warnak said in his first speech before the Senate, “Contrary to what we have seen since the era of the Jim purchase, we are now witnessing a massive and neutral attack on suffrage. In the new dress it is Jim Crow.”


In the past, despite his continued deception of voter ID laws, Warnak, like Stacey Abrams, has turned a blind eye to the issue.

“I’ve never been against voter ID,” Warnock told NBC News in an interview published Thursday. “And really, I don’t know anyone – who believes that people don’t have to prove what they say.”

The recent change in the tone of Democrats on voter ID may be partial because polling shows that it is a popular policy among Americans. An Associated Press poll in March found that 2% of Americans support the Voter ID Act.

Mitch McConnell, a minority leader in the Senate, has called R-Ki Manchin’s proposal “equally unacceptable,” despite years of tough voter identification policies.


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McConnell said Thursday, “I really think that’s when Stacey Abrams immediately supported Sen. McCain’s proposal became Stacey Abrams (Bill), not Joe Munchin (Bill).”

Voting on The People Act will take place next week. It cannot be expected to get the 10 Republican votes needed to pass.

Fox News’ AV Fordham and Marissa Schultz contributed to this report.


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