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Head, cake, guru, deivam – this proverb is said to be one of the greatest truths in the world. Teachers are the guiding force for students, who cut them off as fine individuals and valuable members of society, thus, forming an entire generation.

The epidemic seems to have reshaped education and teaching methods. While teachers and students have moved toward distance learning and technology in an unparalleled way to meet the needs of the time, teaching fraternities have chosen to ensure that they are as connected to their students as possible. Needless to say, now is the time for the teaching fraternity to be rewarded for their work.


The ‘Teacher Excellence Award’ Such a move by the Times of India and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeeth. The purpose is to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions of some of the best teachers in the state. The winners will be remembered as knowledge warriors. The award was announced on the occasion of Teacher’s Day (September 5).

mediawire_image_0Br. Maheshwar Chaitanya, Chairman (BTech Admission)

Elaborating on the award, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeeth Admission Chairman Maheshwar Chaitanya told us, “The idea was conceived last year; But because of the epidemic we could not turn it on. During this period the teaching community was severely damaged. They struggled for a variety of reasons অভ lack of resources, money, they were unable to conduct classes and could not meet with students in person. Despite all these obstacles, they tried to give their best in the given situation and limitations. We need to recognize our teachers, understand the hardships they are going through, and ensure that the best are respected. May this award be an inspiration to all and a platform to showcase their achievements. Teachers need to grow, then the education sector will develop in the future. ”

mediawire_image_0Thiru. Anbil Mahesh Poyamojhi, Minister for School Education, Government of Tamil Nadu

The Minister of School Education, Government of Tamil Nadu, Anbil Mahesh Poyamojhi, shared some of his favorite memories of his teachers in a special speech on the occasion. He recalled, “Even though my father and grandfather were politicians, my teachers never gave me any special treatment. I really appreciated it. Whatever I do today, I have learned in my classroom and from my teachers. I am Kalinar M. Karunanidhi. I also learned a lot from Ayre. One thing I really appreciate about him is that he was always on time – whether it was for waking up early in the morning for his exercise or getting the news of the day. Wrote for Murasoli, wrote his poems, made full preparations for the meeting and made plans for the state – he himself was a university.


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State schools recently opened their gates for students after a long break. Asked about post-epidemic preparations, the minister said, “We are asking the first question of teachers if they are vaccinated. I’ve visited several schools and 95 to 98 percent of teachers have received their vaccine shots. In government schools, we have advised teachers that they should not go directly to the syllabus but cook but break the ice with a refresher course to bridge this gap. The students, who are sitting at home, are thrilled to be able to meet their friends after a long time. ”


The Minister was also lauded for the Teacher Excellence Award, “Congratulations to TOI and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeeth for imagining for the Teacher Excellence Award. This will definitely change. Teachers are an important part of our lives. We do not prefix the word ‘ex’ to teachers and martyrs. Once you are a teacher, you are always a teacher, ”he said.

So, who can apply for the award? On August 1, 2021, teachers teaching full-time at any of the affiliated educational institutions in Tamil Nadu can apply for the award. They must have a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience by August 1, 2021. Teachers need to highlight their journey and the innovations they have made in the last one year, from July 1, 201, to August 1, 2021. Educational administrators, education inspectors, staff of training institutes and contract teachers are not eligible for the award.

The awards are divided into three categories – Experience Year (5-15 years, 15-25 years and above 25), Grade (10 and 11 and 12) and Subject (English, Regional Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies). For teachers and 11th and 12th grade teachers for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science).


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