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As the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic spreads its frenzy around the world, it has forced abrupt transformation in a number of sectors, including education, which has gone completely digital from the enduring chalk-board pedagogy.

Even within Covid-1119, educational institutions are ensuring ‘learning never stops’ through virtual classes that enable teachers and students to not only connect to video-enabled remote classrooms but also provide a host of interactive and collaborative tools on a single platform. By


At Times Group we believe schools have played an important role in educating students to the best of their ability in the midst of lockouts and so we take this opportunity to honor these national schools in Mumbai across different departments.

The Times School Online Education Survey has recognized schools for their online learning and teaching.

There was a major module in the study i.e. the actual survey, which was followed by desk research, data collection, data analysis and final sections. A market research agency (Advanced Field and Brand Solutions) was involved in presenting the final section / results.



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Only schools that filled out the form were eligible, with agency rankings obtained by the research organization.

Below is a list of the schools that seemed to be the best in their respective categories in the “Teams School Online Online Education Survey 2021”.





Here are some of the participants’ (alphabetical) initiatives:

Aditya Birla World Academy, Tardio

The epidemic has left us in a state we never imagined. What started with initial hesitation and interruption between teachers and students was soon replaced with confidence. We supported teachers with short, meaningful courses of ad-tech tools that helped them gain initial momentum. It equipped them with the basic knowledge needed to determine the most effective methods of meeting student needs and abilities, resulting in positive and increased engagement for students. They were soon at Sound Ground with the challenge head on! And today, we can be much more technologically savvy in such a short time than we imagined! Metaphorically and literally, it is all in the mind if someone sets his heart to do something, it can be done!


Mrs. Radhika Sinha, Principal – Aditya Birla World Academy

DY Patil International School

The current epidemic has changed the dynamics of education. Schools have continued to provide curriculum and support to students by migrating to virtual spaces. Teachers have done admirable work in this unprecedented time. There is no learning from past experience and no clear vision of what is going to happen in the near future, but teachers are working tirelessly. Team DY Patil International School, grateful to the Worli Times Group for acknowledging the effort by the school and teachers – Keyboard Warriors. “


Mrs. Kinnari Shah, Head of School, DY Patil International School, Orly

HVB Global Academy, Marine Drive

HVB Global Academy, an institution that measures excellence in education as our students develop happiness content. Our pedagogy is an exemplary beacon of mindful learning that helps our students create lifelong success stories. We constantly enliven our students with a healthy git to set personal goals and engage more with the world.


Dr. Chandra Chandrakant R. Reader. Principal and CEO

Lodha World School, Palva

Technology has jumped on the bandwagon over the past year, the world of education has become exciting, virtual travel, Google Maps all these resources have enriched and enriched our lessons. The dark teaching of the epidemic did not dampen the spirit of the community, we rose like phoenixes and carried the torch of learning forward. We continue to nurture tomorrow’s leaders. “


Aditi Banerjee, Principal, LWS, Palva

Lodha World School, Thane

It was easy to slip back and forth, we chose to take advantage of the opportunity to renew new profiles for post-epidemic teachers and students. Every teacher at LWS now has a new professional profile, a technologist, capable of learning, who encourages his students to go beyond content and engage in higher thinking; While every student is now emerging as an independent, self-governing apprentice to truly own education, it has justified us as the top school in the police station. ”


Asha Narayanan, Principal LWS, Thane

Nahar International School

A positive environment encourages students to share their school experiences and learning. We provide our students with the best education worldwide so that students benefit from the best learning-oriented institutions combined with progressive knowledge that not only prepares the child for his or her future career but also sets him or her apart from the crowd.


Mr. Sukhraj Nahar CMD Nahar Group, Managing Trustee of Nahar International School

New Horizon Scholars School

The real learning lies in the goodness and drawing for the best walk of our students. At the end of the day, they just need to hope for the development of themselves and their strength to overcome all adversity for the healthy development of mind and body.


Dr. Jyoti Nair – Regional Director and Principal, New Horizon Scholars School – Thane

NL Dalmia High School

I believe the full development of a child with a standard system can only come from parents and teachers. It is very important for us to be willing to try to show the way to be good people for children. It is our responsibility to excel in the lives of our children, to lead the nation. We ensure that every student at NL Dalmia High School attends an effective school and is determined to move forward with a focus on child-centered learning. “


Mrs. Seema Saini, CEO and Principal, NL Dalmia High School

OES International School

Oriental education society has a legacy of almost 30 years and since then it has been shaping the future of India through education by instilling curiosity, creativity and character in children.


OES International School Bashi and Andheri are part of the OE Society and believe in excellence. The school has a modern infrastructure and has accepted the challenges posed by the epidemic and has taken online education very quickly and ensured the individual attention of each student to ensure that every class has developed. We even have meditation and yoga as part of our daily routine.

Dr. Rash Rashmi Chowdhury, Principal, OES International School Bashi

RBK Educational Institution


An education system is not very valuable if it teaches young people to make a living, but not how to adapt to real life situations.

Mrs. Niyati Kanakia – Director of Arabic Educational and Founder of Olive Trails Preschool

Singapore International School


The encyclopedia, parallel curriculum and life skills of Singapore International School educators enrich lives, cultivating responsible future-ready students. ”

Mrs. Sharoni Mallick, Director, Singapore International School

SM Sethi International School


The Times School Online Education Survey highlights the important work that the Education Brotherhood has undertaken in this challenging time. We are proud of the speed with which our teachers have been able to transform teaching and learning to meet the needs of students using technology. We see great potential in our students and are committed to providing an education that demonstrates their strengths for the betterment of humanity. We will continue to move forward with courage, confidence and creativity in our efforts to nurture and nurture the development of our students.

Mr. BR BR Sethi, Chairman, SM Sethi Educational Institution of Powai Education Committee Bants Association

Sri Ram Universal School


The teachers at this Shri Ram Universal School have once again proved their resilience and their attitude while providing the much needed thread of creativity in this difficult time to support the children.

Radhika Srinivasan, Principal – The Sri Ram Universal School

Note: The current survey was conducted exclusively using the stated method to arrive at the results given by an independent research firm called Evansfield and Brand Solutions LLP. The Publication House and its affiliates / employees / authorized representatives / group companies are not responsible / liable for this result. Readers are advised to make an informed decision before working on the results of the survey.


Disclaimer: This article was created by the Mediawire team in favor of Optimal Media Solutions.


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