Times of India – 33.4% teaching and 3.7..7% non-teaching sanctioned posts in vacant Central Universities

New Delhi: Of the 44 central universities, including Delhi University, Allahabad University, Central University of Kashmir and Central University of Orissa, 40% of the 14 approved academic years have zero. Of which two are from Allahabad and Orissa with more than 0% vacancies. On April 1, 2021, 33.4% of the academic year and 37.7% of the sanctioned posts are vacant in the central universities. There are 22 central universities without permanent vice-chancellors, of which 12 have been finalized as traveling.

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said this in response to two written questions on the status of vacancies in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, in which he said: “Raising and filling vacancies is a continuous process. As of date, information about posts that have been vacant for more than three years is not stored centrally. ”


In response to a question about the vacancies of the Vice-Chancellors, the Chief Minister said in a written reply: Filling and filling the vacancies of vice-chancellors in universities is a continuous process. The process of appointment of Vice-Chancellor in a Central University is a time consuming exercise in which the formation of the Executive Council / Court Nomination (Inquiry) and Inquiry Committee of the Central University, advertisement of posts, application including examination Etc., so no deadline can be indicated. ”


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According to the ministry, there are 18,911 sanctioned academic year posts in 45 central universities with 6,000 vacancies. Judging by the numbers, the maximum number is among the 1706 vacancies approved by UB. The other university with more than 500 vacancies is Allahabad University, which has 596 vacancies out of 633 academic years. Information provided by the Ministry as of April 1, 2021.

The data also found that 44 universities have 0% or more than 23% vacancies and only three universities have less than 20% vacancies.


As of April 1, 2021, 333% of the approved posts are vacant for all the 44 central universities.

The ministry also said that there are more than 13,700 vacancies in 3,351 academic year posts in these institutions, amounting to 3,37.7%.


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