While 8K content is still a long way from hitting mainstream availability, some brands are already selling TVs that support this resolution in India, including Samsung. If you want to be ready with your TV in the future, it might be appropriate to pick an 8K TV right now and we have a new premium recommendation to cover this section. The Samsung Neo 8K QLED TV is expensive, but you will cover it if publishers support 8K in content. The rest of our update stays the same with this update.

Television is an essential part of most families in India, and consumers want to make the best choice when making such an important purchase. Most people stick to their TV for five years or more and this makes the right option more complicated, especially if you buy a premium television for which Rs. 1,00,000. At the same time, the prices of affordable TVs are falling and features and features are improving, making television purchases more confusing.

Should you spend a little more and go with the ‘safe’ option of a well-known brand, or take a deal and try your luck with a smaller brand? Whatever your budget, this buying guide will hopefully make your decision a bit easier. To help you choose the best television for your home, we’ve picked our tops in the Smart TV category across budgets based on our reviews and experiences.


Is it understandable to spend more on better TV?

With televisions and many of the technologies around them becoming more affordable, it is now possible to buy a fitted TV with better features and specifications for a lower price. 25,000 This raises the question – does it make sense to spend more then? Also, is the advantage of buying a premium TV consistent with the price increase? Frankly, it depends entirely on you and your viewing habits.

Many consumers prefer 32-inch and 43-inch televisions for a variety of reasons, especially price, space constraints, and viewing habits, which still largely surround cable and DTH content. If you have a larger TV, a better internet connection, and access to streaming services such as Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video, you might want to consider a 4K HDR TV 55 inches or larger. If you specialize in image and sound quality, it would make sense to invest in better screen technologies, such as QLED or OLED.

Best Entry-Level TV: MI TV 4A Horizon Edition

In a short span of time like Shaomi, no other brand has made such an impact in the Indian budget television market. The Horizon version of MI TV 4 retains the tradition of offering much more at a very affordable price. The signature feature of the Horizon version on the MI TV 4 is its slim bezel and this television also gives an all-around experience which makes it a very good pick in the entry-level smart TV segment.

Priced at Rs 23,499 for the 43.4-inch variant and Rs. With access to all popular apps and services through the Google Play Store, the Horizon Edition series on the MI TV 4 runs on Android TV 9 out of 13,999 boxes for a 32-inch one. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage and like other Xiaomi TVs it also runs Patchwall 3.0 UI. With good picture and reasonable sound quality, it is a suitable choice in the entry-level section. Interestingly, the TV, along with other software-based optimizations and features, finally has a quick boot.

The Horizon version of the MI TV 4 is not without its flaws: somewhat comfortable UI performance, dull color and a short distance hold it a bit behind. But these things are a little minor in the case of the big ones If you are looking for a smaller screen and are happy with HD or full-HD skills, this is still our top pick for a basic smart television.

Best TV for Rs 40,000: Amazon Basic Fire TV Version Ultra-HD Smart LED TV

Among the first big launches of 2021 in the television space, Amazon finally launched its televisions in India under the AmazonBasic brand. The company’s first television range is the Fire TV version of the Ultra-HD Smart LED TV series, which is available in 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch sizes. The 43-inch variant is priced at Rs. 26,999, and it picks us up among the low-end range televisions.

Several reasons, including the Fire TV version badge, have made this TV range our new favorite in this price segment. The TV runs the Fire TV OS which is the same software used in the range of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick streaming devices, of course, adapted and adapted for a television. It makes for a smooth and easy user experience, with access to all major apps and streaming services for smart TVs today. With 4K and HDR (up to Dolby Vision) support, it’s a great choice for users looking to buy a feature-packed ultra-HD TV without spending too much.

Performance across the resolution and content is decent, and the image is remarkably soft and smooth to the eye. Although there are limited options for external audio connectivity and average black levels, the professionals go far beyond here, making it one of the best TVs you can buy today for less than Rs00. 40,000

Best TV for Rs 60,000: Mi QLED TV 4K

The last few months have seen a big trend in television venues in India; QLED televisions became significantly more affordable, making it possible to get a good QLED TV for every penny. 60,000. Our top choice in this price range is the recent launch from Xiaomi, which also happens to be its most expensive television offer in India – the Mi KLED TV 4K. Priced at, 54,999, this Ultra-HD television supports HDR, up to Dolby Vision format, and the best software experience you can find on a TV in this price range.

There’s a lot to like about the MI KLED TV 4K, which includes design, specification, performance across all content resolutions, and plenty of connectivity options. There are some issues with speed, the black layers are average, and Shaomi’s weird habit of not including the battery for the remote in the box. However, these are relatively minor issues that do not significantly affect the quality of these televisions.

The Mi QLED TV 4K is currently available in single 55 inch sizes and it is important to remember that it is still an entry-level QLED TV. However, there is no better TV than this for which we can recommend under the rupee. For a good all-round experience of 60,000 right now.

Best TV for Rs 1,00,000: OnePlus TV Q1 Pro

4,000 / – in the budget. 1,00,000, our top pick is the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro (review). Launched last year, the Q1 Pro is a 4K QLED TV with Dolby Vision HDR support and has a unique party strategy – a slide-out Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar. It makes great sound at the top of decent photo quality with vivid colors, lots of detail and great speed.

Although there were several issues with the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro at first, most of it has been fixed with software updates. You will now also get better performance on the Android interface, Android TV 9 Pi, support for all new applications and services, a new and improved remote, and reliable performance. OnePlus TV Q1 for consideration. It costs less than Rs. , 000,000,000 does not have a slide-out soundbar but all other parameters match the Q1 Pro.

Best TV for Rs 1,50,000: LG 48CX OLED TV

While part of the Six range that has been around for some time, the LG48CX is unique, making it one of the most compact LED TVs in India. About 3,000 rupees with maximum operating price. 1,35,000, the LG48CX 48 small enough to fit such a large room, while giving you the flagship LED experience. Although a bit expensive, the unique combination of size and feature sets makes it an attractive purchase. 1,50,000.

lg 48cx OLED TV review head

Image quality and sound are decent as the software and the presence of useful features such as support for Apple AirPlay and Nvidia G-Sync. You usually get a great black layer and contrast to an OELD TV without anything too big for your viewing space.

It’s also priced at the LG 55CX, it’s available online at almost the same price as the 48CX and therefore offers better quality for the money. If you have room for a 55-inch TV, the 55CX offers the same features and amenities, but with a larger screen. That said, the 48CX works very well in a small room such as a bedroom and can probably also be used as a monitor for computer setup.

Best Premium TV: Samsung Neo QL8 8K TV

Ultra-HD content was scarce just five years ago when 4K televisions went on sale but go a few years further and 4K content is much more available and easily accessible. Similarly, 8K TVs are already for sale and buyers may be ready for the 8K rollout for the future, which could be a few years away. If you feel like doing something, then Samsung Neo QLID 8K is like watching TV and it is our top recommendation among the premium TVs in India.

The price has been fixed from 500 rupees. 3,99,990 for the 3.5-inch QN600A model and the amazing Rs. 13,49,990 for the 85-inch QN900A at the top, Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TV range is nothing but cheap. However, the unique advantage of getting ready for 8K is that within the have you, the TV will easily cover 4K views and the QLED screen promises bright and vibrant colors.

It certainly has access to a smart TV with HDR support and major app and streaming services, and it would make a lot of money if you have space in your home. It may seem expensive and stupid for lack of 8K content but the Neo QLED 8K range is the future proof TV range that you can buy in India right now.

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