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Learning a second or third language not only expands your knowledge, but it can also help you make connections with others. And we’ve spent a few weeks with the full 2021 American Sign Language Master Class.

For $ 19.4, you will get lifetime access to five courses with more than 75 hours of content. And we have found that learning basic skills for American Sign Language is an excellent choice for beginners. The main courses are divided into three levels. The fourth and fifth courses are more specific: baby and toddlers sign language and scuba diving hand signals.

We would recommend starting with infants and toddlers, as it begins with the basics and indeed the fundamental parts of American sign language. You will gain an understanding of the most frequently used signs such as family, colors, numbers, food, and music. This manual also dives into the alphabet – the cornerstone of the language – and verbs. Subsequently, Level 1 will recap many of these lessons but expand into daily phrases.


Level 2 teaches verb tenses (past, present, and future), expanding on language categories. Level 3 goes on to sign holiday, season, color, money and comparisons among others. It also teaches deaf etiquette, which we appreciated. The history of ASL and its context have been explored in many courses with the importance of do’s and don’ts and the signing of a steady hand.

2021 American Sign Language teaches words, phrases and gestures through visual diagrams and videos that you can connect to. We had three issues with video in particular – for starters, videos are not autoplay, which breaks the rhythm of class taking and learning. You have to click the play button every time the video appears. Second, you get only one or two views of the signal in the video, when it is most helpful to look at the signal from several perspectives to understand it. Lastly, these are not the fastest videos on the Internet. In truth, they fall in the land between low resolution and high resolution.

Each lesson, regardless of course, ends with a quiz to recap and test your knowledge. They are not as complex as an intermediate or advanced learner would require, but for beginners, they are attractive and a way to measure progress. And if you want to learn American Sign Language, this master class is an excellent place to start at $ 19.99.



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