Texarkana police issue warning against deadly street drugs

TEXARKANA, Texas – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdoses killed more than 87,000 people in the United States last year.

This is the highest number of overdose deaths recorded so far in a 12-month period.


While opioid abuse is often considered an urban problem, officials say it has now found its way into smaller communities.

Police say that in many cases people are buying drugs illegally from the streets.

Earlier this year, officers responded to Texarkana, Texas, where three people overdosed after eating fake pills with fenantyl, an extremely powerful opioid. Officer Sean Vaughan from Texarkana, Texas, said a 25-year-old woman died and two others were hospitalized.


“We think they were talking about opioids, oxycopt, something like that. That’s what they thought they were buying, but they wound up with something that might look like it, but This is something else that is quite dangerous and can kill you, ”Vaughn said.

Investigators from both sides of Texarkana are working to stop the flow of deadly drugs into the community.

Texarkana, Ark., Cpl. Kelly Pilgreen says she first noticed a spurt in street-level narcotics early last year.


“When it is being produced as a pill, we are seeing here, and being produced by drug dealers, it cannot be measured appropriately that it can happen in a medical lab, “Pilgreen said.

Dr. Matt Young of the Texarkana Emergency Center said fentanyl is often used for severe trauma in a hospital setting, and is monitored by health professionals. Unfortunately, it is now on the streets and mixed with other drugs.

“Remember that these are street drugs that have no quality control. They are not pharmaceutical grade, so there is no idea how toxic chemical substances you are going to get,” Young said.


Officials say that only one of the fake bullets can kill them. So they are working to educate the community so that more people are not killed.

Texarkana has three drug take back boxes where you can dispose of unused tablets, capsules or pills.


Young said fake drugs containing fentanyl may sound like legitimate prescription painkillers or sedatives. They stated that Fentanyl can be fatal even in very low doses.

There are many recovery programs in the Texarkana region that help people get out of drugs or opioids. Heaven Homes director Jenny Aldridge said her goal is to make a positive impact on the community.


Aldridge said, “I never saw anyone coming through it without support, there weren’t people around them who understood it, who were through it themselves. It’s huge in our community that is involved with drugs and alcohol Has happened.” .


For more information about counseling services for drug additions in the Texarkana area visit Havenhomestexarkana.com.


Anyone with information about the illegal use or sale of any drug is encouraged to call Texarkana CrimeStoppers at 903-793-STOP.


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