How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free

How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free (Only 1 Software)

How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free: Hello everyone here I am going to share you the greatest problem of everyone facing while working with their computer which is the slow speed of the computer. So I am here to show you ‘How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free’ so without taking any time let’s start.

Here is the Reason Why the Computer got Slow?

  • The Internet Browsers
  • The Multimedia Players
  • The Computer Games Explorer
  • Windows Error Reporting
  • DNS & Front Caches
  • All the Multimedia Softwares

So Let’s See in Detail

  • The Internet Browsers: The main cause behind Slowing down of a Computer is the Internet Browser because it has so much Data Collection from all the Websites you have visited from you computer internet browser such as History, Cookies, Intenet Cache, Last Download Locations, Session, etc by which the computer got slow by loading this files.
  • The Multimedia Players: Everyone loves to listen music songs in their computer but did you know that each song you play your Multimedia Player get the information and details that which music you played at which time so this feature makes some player cache with makes the computer slow.
  • The Computer Games Explorer: Do you know that every game you play in you computer have all the cache of every levels, place, tools of some games which can not be used later which need to clean every time after playing the game.
  • Windows Error Reporting: Have you seen that sometimes the computer gets stopped working while opening some software. So these Error Reporting creates such a large amount of unusable file in your computer which makes your computer very slow some times.
  • DNS & Front Caches: Just like your Internet Browser your Computer also stores a huge amount of Caches at your System Folder that every software you run from your computer which you can’t delete at manually.
  • All the Multimedia Softwares: Are you using Multimedia Software in your daily life such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Spark, Fl Studio etc. Such a big software use all your computers ram, processors and they left the file in your computer after closing it.

So What is the all in one Solution of these Problems?

How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free (Only 1 Software)

The all in one solution of these problems is The Best Software for Cleaning is ‘The CCleaner’ yes this is the excellent software for all these problems. 2.5 million had downloaded this software.

How to Fix a Slow Computer?

Let’s See How the CCleaner do all these work at only one click.

How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free

  • Install it on your computer

How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free

  • Let’s Choose the option that which type of setting you want to do. But I suggest you the basic setting you should do for the perfect running of your computer which I also did on my computer. You have to choose this only the first time then only you can in one click.

How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free

If Not Visible Check clear image here – image 1  image 2

  • After Choosing the options ‘Run the Cleaner’ and wait for 3-5 min.How to Fix a Slow Computer For Free
  • You will see that how much data has cleaned.
  • I have already cleaned my 2.3 GB data after installing the first time.
  • You Should use this twice a day for better performance.

I think you find this post very helpful and understood that “How to Fix a Slow Computer” and you have cleaned your computer and hope it works well.

Thanks for visiting this page.

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