Taylor Swift says ‘Red’ will be her next re-recorded album, sets release date

Jack Gillenhall probably wants to be clear on social media today.

Two months after the rollout of her “Fearless” re-recording, Taylor Swift announced the release date for the singer, 31, for another act.

Fans had speculated for months that he would surprise Swifi with the June 18 midnight drop “1989 (Taylor’s version)”. However, on Friday he announced that 2012’s “Red” would be the next re-recorded album on his agenda.


However, it is not happening fast. Fans will not be able to hear the second iteration of the album until November 19th.

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“I’ve always said that the world is a different place for heartbreakers,” Swift wrote in the announcement. “It moves at a different speed, at a different speed. Time goes back and forth. The heart is going to go through thousands of micro-emotions one day. Figure out how to get it out without picking up the phone to hear the old word. In the land of the heartbreak, the rebellion of strength, freedom, and Satan-May-care is woven together with the complexity of weakness, paralysis, and despair. Imagining your future can always take you back to the past. The album I will release is my “Red” version.

Swift is going to explain the initial meaning behind the album by hinting at her past breakup.


“Musically and lyrically‘ Red ’resembles a heartfelt person,” he wrote. “It was all over the place, a broken mosaic of feelings that ultimately fit together fit happy, free, confused, lonely, devastated, merry, wild and oppressed by memories of the past. Like new life pieces, I went to the studio with different words and Experimented with collaborators And and I’m not sure if it was ing my thoughts on this album, your thousands of voices sang lyrics to me in melody, or if it was a simple time, there was some healing along the way.

He then concludes the announcement, noting that the album will have a total of 30 songs and will include a fan-favorite “All Very Good”, but extended and clear version.

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“Sometimes it needs to be talked about (repeatedly and repeatedly) and it can actually end … like your friend who called you at midnight and told you about their ex, I just couldn’t stop writing. You’ll hear these first 30 songs.” Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.


Following the huge success of “Fearless (Taylor’s version)”, fans began the theoretical notion that he had announced – or hoped to – “based on Easter eggs he had” “irritated” in 1989. Even after the Swift tragedy, Taylor made his Friday announcement a The real surprise was able to throw enough of his fans.

Taylor Swift will release ‘Red (Taylor’s Edition)’ in November.
(Kevin Mazur / Getty Images from the Recording Academy)

Swift has limited comments to her Instagram post, but her music lovers are still celebrating on other social media platforms. Jill Gilenhall has already started trending on Twitter in the wake of the combined excitement for re-publishing an extended and clear version of “All to Well” on Twitter that sparked rumors about Galenhall.

Fans weren’t just shadowing Glennhall, they started calling Swift for confusing clues.


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One fan It was even linked that the day of his announcement of “Red (Taylor’s version)” was also seen as Scooter Brown’s birthday, which could be a deliberate reference to the music mogul driving Sweet to re-record his first six albums.

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“Red (Taylor’s version)” will be published November 19.


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