Who doesn’t love a fresh and warm plate of delicious food served from Mom’s kitchen? The aroma and taste of any food cooked by mothers is irreplaceable. After all, if it’s a snack for a sweet tooth, no one can save your heart from melting. So, when Tamanna: Bhatia’s mother cooked her some pancakes, we didn’t expect her to lean towards him. In fact. He took to Instagram to share a video story of those delicious pancakes took the ad Believe us, pancakes have made us grassroots.

The video shows a glass tray in Tamanna’s lap. The treat was full of a pile of pancakes and collar pieces on top. The actress left a hashtag saying “Mammy made pancakes”. Surely, Tamannahar’s heart is full of this delicious behavior!

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Fans of Tamannah may protest her foodie bout as she often shares her presentation with various snacks on her Instagram account. A few days ago, this diva shared her love for samosas with a funny post. The picture showed a flowchart from the question of whether you deserve Samos. Every argument gives the same answer, “eat samosa”. The caption read, “No post has ever come up that describes my thoughts more accurately.”

The fashionista publicly shares her desires for junk food which she likes at once. Here’s a photo where she can’t wait for her burgers and french fries with a good cup of coffee.

But what about the trek of potato chips, biscuits and packaged cakes for breakfast? Surely Tamannah did not plan to do everything. However, his friends are a bit shocked in this film.

But Tamannah cannot hide the fact that she has balanced her junk food with lots of healthy fruits. This video shows the taste of a peeled mango in the comfort of his home. You would bring some mangoes for yourself after seeing her happy. When in a comment it was suggested that mango drinks should be the next face, we couldn’t agree more. After all, he wrote in the caption, “Be messy.” Writing in the caption inspired us to taste mango on our own.

Let us know what snacking inspiration you got through Tamannahar’s food tour.


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