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New Delhi: The “Moscow format” talks on Wednesday, which will see the participation of 10 countries, including the Taliban and India, highlight the need for an inclusive government in Afghanistan and call for concerted international efforts to address a humanitarian crisis in the country.
Although Moscow says a joint outcome document will be adopted after the talks, both Russia and India have expressed concern about the Taliban’s behavior in recent months, which has seen them break their promises to women and minorities. “We will wait and see if the Taliban will return to their promises and words,” DB Venkatesh Verma, India’s ambassador to Russia, said in Moscow a few days ago.
Ahead of the Moscow format talks, a meeting was held on Tuesday with the extended Trica, where Moscow said Russia, China and Pakistan exchanged views on general security threats and expressed interest in providing emergency humanitarian and economic assistance to Afghanistan. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, however, said the recognition of the Taliban government was not being discussed and that Moscow was persuading the Taliban to keep its promises when it came to power.
India will support a Russian proposal in talks for a UN conference on providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. Before sending any aid, however, India wants a conducive environment for the United Nations to ensure the distribution of non-discriminatory aid to the Afghan people. The United States did not attend the Trica-Plus meeting because it was “reasonably difficult” but expressed support for the format.


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