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Month after month of bubbles on the street, Team India New Zealand welcomed the unusually long break before the game
If you are an Indian cricketer, time is a luxury. The calendar ticks faster than a cab meter. And ‘free time’ is like sprinkling drinking water in the middle of the desert.
At the moment, this set of 15 cricketers from the UAE can exchange something to hold on for a while to catch their breath. With the exception of form, fitness and combination, all the Indian teams wanted some time to revive in a high-octane, emotionally-charged match like the one they played against Pakistan on Sunday night.
As the match progressed, the Blue Men’s Jade Menners fell behind in every pass over. Result: 10 wicket defeat. No matter how hard the defeat would have been, these players could have breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they would play against New Zealand on Sunday a week later. It’s an unusually long break between two matches for a tournament as compact as it is. “We will have time for reflection,” captain Virat Kohli said after the loss to Pakistan last Sunday.
Kohli has been vocal against the hop-off-flight-hop-in-stadium journey that his team has been victimizing over the past few years. His words are always deaf but they always fade away in the face of market noise.

“It (this break) works really well for us from all angles because we have already played a full season. We played in the IPL which is a high-octane in itself in the UAE test situation. These big breaks are what we need to play this high-intensity tournament. Being in the initial physical condition will help us as a team, ”Kohli’s repetition shows how much they longed for every minute to relax their muscles and mind.
Indian cricketers have been hoping for a bubble for 15 months now. They live in a parallel universe where there are only windows to see ‘ordinary life’. Even before the epidemic, the board began pulling all the resources to optimize the load on the bodies of these cricketers and splurging on every technology. ‘Workload Management’ has become the single most important phrase behind the sustainability of high quality cricket as this team plays. Of late, there is very little room for respectable ‘workload management’. No official service was provided by the board to deal with the mental health of these players.
Momentum is said to be the defining cause of a marquee tournament. Players like to be in the middle of action. It gets adrenaline pumping. You certainly don’t want to go to a point where you have to restart the engine and wait for it to warm up. Other than that, Virat Kohli’s people need to be given some time to do their extra work and get the overheated engines to cool down, refuel and run again without having to worry too much about breaking down again.
“The weekend break will help us reorganize as a team. Go into eager practice to implement the things we want to prepare and be confident again that day. We have enough confidence in our ability to come out with this preparation time. Again. Stay in a positive frame of mind, ”the captain added.
Panic buttons are never an option in high-performance sports, but a reset button never hurts. It’s time to think about coordination, planning and procedures. The team management does not have time to exploit the uncertainty surrounding the availability of Hardik Pandya as a bowler.
The pitch behaves differently with the surrounding dew. The spin-heavy squad needs to be reconsidered. There, Jaspreet Bumrah and Mohammad Shami, the face of India’s fast bowling revolution, have been running at high intensity for five months. The BCCI, NCA has invested a lot of time and resources to ensure that these two resources are ready to take the field across the format. As Shami and Bhubaneswar Kumar are fighting to hit in top form, Bumrah will now have to bear the brunt of the attack.
Picking up an abandoned IPL season, the players have literally been playing in a furnace in the desert for more than a month and hanging heavy spending franchises on their heads and then the unexplained pressure of enthusiastic fans returning to the country. Here comes the T20 World Cup.
Most likely, the tournament will start anew for India this weekend!


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