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  • According to the 2021 India Skills Report, only 45.9% of Indian youth will be considered employable in 2021.
  • Only the top 5% of Indian B-schools provide actual transformational education, while the rest lack academic skills to provide industry-related courses
  • Most Indian students still depend on colleges / universities for higher education. Despite the ongoing Adtech wave, college education has failed miserably to create employable skills among students, especially during the ongoing epidemic.

Sunstone education The goal of occupying this mantle as a college of choice for the entire mid-spectrum – combining a rich experience with not just basic classroom education – is peer learning, industry exposure, quality assurance, the use of agile technology, and useful placement. Sunstone partners with Ace Campuses across the country to provide students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, including a uniform, high-quality management education rich in global reach.

Leaving his own skin in the game, Sunstone has successfully proven to be the only ‘Student-First’ B-School in the country. It takes responsibility for students ’careers through a fee payment plan with zero financial risk and an industry-linked curriculum. With the tools below, it is nding the financial empowerment of students and their families, enabling them to channel all their energies into their overall growth.


  • ‘Pay-of-placement’ fee payment model
  • Scholarship program
  • 0-5% facility for paying one time registration fee

Sunstone’s pay-off-placement fee structure is a unique policy that allows students to pay their tuition fees as soon as they are paid. Using these financial tools, Sunstone aims to revolutionize the country’s higher education – enabling individuals to pursue their aspirations regardless of their economic background.



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Equipped with industry-ready knowledge and the brutality of working online, students from Sunstone were widely preferred by recruiters, post-epidemic

Promising 100% placement accountability, Sunstone Educational has achieved a 150% placement rate for its 2019-21 MBA batch. Speaking about its excellent placement record, co-founder Ashish Munjal said, “Sunstone Educational has a centralized system for all academic activities. Due to the centralized approach, each student at Sunstone has the opportunity to sit 20x more than other B-school students.


Sunstone Education works with 200+ listed employers. Maintaining a consistent placement record, B-School offers an average package benefit of 4.5 LPA, where, it has gone up to 10 LPA over the years.


Accountable and results-oriented education needs new norms

Sunstone Education provides students with a curriculum evaluated and curated by industry experts. By regularly updating the curriculum, Sunstone creates a realistic outlook through conveniently applied specialists and given internships tailored to the needs of the industry. Sunstone’s Learning Management System, ‘Canvas’ is mechanized to provide each student with customized learning pedagogy, personalized feedback and remedy modules.


Speaking about Sunstone’s results-based management curriculum, co-founder Piyush Nangru said, “Post-epidemic markets have forced businesses to adapt to a digital approach করে significantly changing employer demand. Most mid-spectrum B-schools struggle to keep up with the needs of the dynamic industry, as they continue to teach concepts that are no longer relevant to the needs of the industry at the present time. Sunstone works very closely with corporates across many sectors and actively seeks the participation of domain leaders to design an industry-integrated management curriculum.

Talking about his hiring experience with Sunstone, Gazal Kalra (co-founder, Rivigo), an employer, said, “We see Sunstone education as a game-changer, providing candidates with excellent work ethic and those who can run on the field. Well-equipped and highly professional, they are deeply inspired by the corporate ethics that most students lack today.


In addition to revolutionizing higher education, Sunstone education It is also making recruitment possible through ‘online hiring’.

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