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Parvati Geetha, a 35-year-old from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, chose the UK for higher education because the city offers emerging businesses and offers. Collaboration and networking are important for learning business innovations, ”said Parvati, who is in the second year of a part-time MBA at Alliance Manchester Business School.

Parvati is currently working as a senior business analyst with an IT firm in London for the past six years. Parvati said, “Before moving to London, I was working in India at Technopark in Kerala after completing my BA in Electronics Engineering from Anna University. Born and raised in a middle class family, he completed primary and secondary school in Kerala.


Professional development


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The Global MBA helped Parvati to apply the theoretical knowledge she had acquired through various case studies in real life work situations. “It also helps me make decisions, which is the core of my workflow. Some things like learning strategy, competition and game theory from MBA have changed the way I perceive my situation and the way I am facing problems now, ”Parvati explained.


Course content

The Global MBA effectively manages every aspect of management including effectively managing an effective team, managing and marketing, simulation projects that mirror the management activities of a company, business accounting and finance etc. She chose FinTech and Digital Marketing as her selectors.

Counselors and Guidance

“I catch up regularly with my manager at work and discuss the themes that I am learning in the MBA. Some of my course assignments are based on my real-life work, ”she said, adding that she is often encouraged to apply the lessons to improve her work.


Industrial Exposure and Hands-on Learning

Hands-on learning was especially effective in simulation projects. “I have not yet started the final project which will again bring some skills,” said this girl from Kerala, who wants to apply her studies in her workplace to solve real life problems.

Admission process

To apply for the program, candidates must complete the Global MBA Program application form, take an admission test and submit supporting documents. “As part of the admission process, many issues are assessed by the school-school, including education, career advancement, leadership and the entrepreneurial qualities of the students,” Parvati said.


“During the MBA admission process, the school will review all aspects of an application equally (including application form, essay, reference, CV, degree, professional qualification, admission test score, English level and interview). The MBA Admissions Committee will evaluate each component against the eligibility criteria and make a final decision, ”he added.


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