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Kurukshetra: In recent scientific developments, Kurukshetra University (KU) and Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRE) are highly regarded scientists working in the fields of Pharmaceutical Science, Toxicology, Cancer Biology and Pharmacology.

The journal is dedicated to informing scientists about recent developments in the field of molecular oncology on a molecular basis of possible therapies from cellular transformation and the underlying genetic and molecular causes of cancer. The journal is well-established and has a very high reputation in the scientific community.


According to the latest journal citation report, the impact factor of cancer biology seminars is 15.707 and the journal’s high quality site score is 18.1. In the case of cancer research, the Quartile of Seminars Q1 in Cancer Biology, i.e. the journal has been ranked among the top most journals in this field.


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The author of the paper, Prabodh Chander Sharma, a scientist at DPSRU, New Delhi, says naturally occurring microbial toxins as a therapy against cancer cells are a promising new dimension. These microbial toxins have different functions. Prior to joining DPSRU, Dr. Prabodh served at KU for more than 13 years.

Jitendra Kumar Bharadwaj, another KU scientist and co-author of the paper, said that these agents work on various biological targets such as inhibition of protein synthesis, reduction of cell growth, control of cell cycle and many cellular processes.


Professor Vijay K. Tagore from the University of Edinburgh in the UK said that this therapy is becoming popular as a very promising therapy. The study is contributed by a number of Indian institutions such as the University of Jammu, RCPIPIR, Maharashtra and the United Kingdom.

Professor Ramesh K. Goel, Vice-Chancellor (Vice-Chancellor) of DPSRU, New Delhi, and the author of this prestigious study emphasized that there seems to be great potential for providing a promising alternative to treatment and management to fight microbial toxins and their metabolic cancers. According to him, the primary challenge related to effective cancer treatment is the safe delivery of microbial toxins to cancer cells.

Professor Pawan K. Sharma, Dean, Research and Development, KU, emphasized that such outstanding publications not only reflect the intellectual prowess of the writers, but also enhance the prestige of the affiliated institutes and universities.


Professor Somnath Sachdeva, VC KU praised the team of writers and said that it is a matter of pride for our university and the scientific community of the country to publish such outstanding work. He added that the publication would help enhance the research environment in universities and help establish more fruitful scientific collaborations in future research efforts.

Sanjeev Sharma, Registrar KU congratulated the author for this achievement.


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