Star Wars: Visions will release on September 22 on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar, the Disney-owned Lucasfilm announced on Sunday with a three-minute soft peek at the Anime Expo Lite. The ethnographic animated series Star Wars will have a total of nine short films: Visions, featuring a fallen stubborn, a princess, Japanese iconography, a “Star Wars rock opera”, a stubborn Drod, and Luke and Leah type twins. By Given that Star Wars was inspired by the Japanese film Samurai, Star Wars: Visions is finally taking on a Japanese look.

Here is a complete list of the nine Star Wars: Vision short films and the studios behind them:

  • Comic tip, “dual”
  • Kaima Citrus, “The Village”
  • Zeno Studio (twin engine), “Loop and Ocha”
  • Production IG, “Ninth JD”
  • Science is narrow, “Akashiri”
  • Science narrow, “T0-B1”
  • Studio Calarido (Twin Engine), “Tattoo Rhapsody”
  • Trigger, “twins”
  • Trigger, “ancient”

Mostly black-and-white “Dual” The Samurai-Esk will feature an asteroid droid with a straw hat as well as a stubborn hat. Star Wars: Vision’s executive producer James Waugh says: “The issue is The [director Takanobu Mizuno] It was really clear that he only wanted the letter as a love letter from Star Wars.


“Rural Bride” About a fallen JD, but “not the way you would expect”. This was said through the eyes of a bride the day before her wedding, because she must make an unexpected choice to save her people. Star Wars: Vision producer Kanako Shirasaki says: “It’s poetic, meditative and romantically bitsuite. [‘The Village Bride’] Also, the force has a truly unique and amazing way to go. “

The space ban-person led the loop “Loop and height”Jackie Lopez, executive producer of Visions, described by Star Wars as “completely steadfast in his devotion to good and family and loyalty”. The design centers of “Loop and Ocha” are in contrast to “Natural Beauty and Unique Industrialization”.

“Ninth Stubborn” A combination of two shorts previously imagined: one where LeiterSermeth’s daughter Jedi was legendary, while the other eight fighters discovered that they could be force sensitive. Production IGO is behind Ghost in the anime scene of Shell and Kill Bill. The score of “Ninth Jedi” was recorded at Kawasaki’s Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall.

“Akashiri” “Beautiful yet painful story” of a princess, with which Astro Boy sound designer Matsuo Ohno gave her famous talent. Other shorts for science, “T0-B1” The above-mentioned JD-Dreaming Droid follows what has been described as a “more heartbreaking fare” than “Akakiri”.


With “Tatooine accident”, Star Wars Chibi embraces the art style as it describes the journey history of a band. Featuring Boba Fate and Jabba The Hot. Star Wars: Josh Reims, executive producer of Visions, says: “This is Star Wars rock opera. We took a chance and they just blew up with our style, character and melody, and found the best in Star Wars about family and dreams that are true at heart.

Say hello to the new dark side twins “Twins” Justin Leach, co-executive producer of Star Wars: Visions, says the goal is to distort the Luke and Lair concept, and demonstrate “how far a brother has to go to save his sister.” The twins have their own special co-star Star Destroyer.

And that leaves “Elder”Shirasaki added, which “pays homage to the relationship between the master of classic Star Wars and Padawan”. “After you look at the brief you will also find the dual meaning of the title.”

“We wanted to give these creators a wide creative berth to explore all the fabulous possibilities of the Star Wars Galaxy through the anime’s unique lens,” Wa said at the Anime Expo Lite. “We realized that we created the studios and the creators through a unique process that they wanted to create properly, in a medium where they, like experts, had the idea that all the elements of the Star Wars galaxy expressed their vision that inspired them – hopefully. Let’s make a really incredible anthropological series in contrast to what we’ve seen before in the Star Wars galaxy. “


Star Wars: Visions premieres on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar on Wednesday, September 22nd. It was first revealed last December at a presentation by Disney’s big investors.

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