Sri Rama Navami 2020 Wishes

Sri Rama Navami 2020 Wishes

I wish you be accompanied by blessings of Lord Rama.

On the auspicious occasion of Rama Navami, I am wishing that blessings of Shri Ram be with you. Your heart and home be filled with peace, prosperity, and happiness. Happy Ram Navami!

Warm greetings on the holy occasion of the birth of Lord Rama. Happy Ram Navami!

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Let’s celebrate our tradition of oneness, brotherhood, bravery and shun violence this Ram Navami.

May Lord Ram shower his blessings on your family, I wish harmony, prosperity, and joy, on Ram Navami for you and your family.

May the day bring happiness to you and fill your life with prosperity and joy. Warm wishes on Ram Navami!

Lord Ram is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu to show the best way of living as a good human being. Happy Ram Navami!

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Recite Ram mantra on this auspicious day and every day. Jai Shri Ram. Happy Ram Navami!

I wish that Lord Rama inspire you with his great virtues and best qualities. Happy Ram Navami!

Lord Ram is the eternal savior with the power to change our lives with his divine blessings. Let us come together to offer him prayers on Ram Navami and be blessed. Happy Ram Navami.

Let us offer prayers to Lord Ram to seek his blessings. Let us pray for happiness, harmony, and success in our life. Warm wishes on Ram Navami!

Sri Rama Navami 2020

I hope that your life is brightened with the divine blessings of Lord Shri Ram. I hope that you enjoy happiness, wealth, success and glory in life. Warm wishes on Happy Ram Navami!

Let us chant sacred mantras to praise Lord Ram and ask for his blessings. I hope you are bestowed with the love and blessings of Lord Ram. Ram Navami!

I pray that you and your family enjoy this wonderful occasion of Ram Navami!

I wish that Lord Ram is always there with you and your loved ones, showering his blessings on you and showing you the right path to walk on. Happy Rama Navami!

May there be more brightness and more glory in your life. May you are always blessed. Happy Rama Navami!

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God of Loyalty, God of Goodness, God of Peace, God of Morality. May Bless you with all virtues of Life. Happy Ram Navami!

Now you worship His Form, you repeat His name; ignoring His orders. Without practicing the discipline laid down by Rama to purify the mind, all else is mere show, empty rituals. Happy Ram Navami.

May Lord Ram shower upon you his choicest blessings and your life be filled with happiness. Happy Ram Navami!

May Lord Ram brighten your life with countless blessings of happiness and prosperity. Happy Ram Navami!

Lord Ram is the source of divine knowledge. Seek his blessings of peace and spiritual enlightenment. May you be blessed and bestowed with all kinds of success. Remember Ram with a true heart. Happy Ram Navami!

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