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New Delhi: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has targeted China, citing its apparent disregard for international law, when he commented on the commissioning of the new destroyer INS Visakhapatnam, saying, “It is a matter of concern that UNCLOS is being repeatedly weakened by arbitrary interpretations. Definition. ”
This was a fairly clear reference to China, which refused to accept the 2016 arbitration standing court ruling that China has no right to build military structures in the South China Sea. “Intensive explanations stand in the way of a rule-based maritime order,” Singh said.
“There are some nations – I mean irresponsible nations – who, for their narrow partisan interests, tend to give new and inappropriate interpretations of these international laws out of hegemonic tendencies,” he added.
India, he reiterated, wants a rule-based Indo-Pacific with freedom of navigation, free trade and universal values, where the interests of all participating countries are protected. That is why it is up to the Indian Navy to keep the Indo-Pacific region open, safe and secure, ”he said.
He said India’s security and strategic interests are directly linked to the Indian Ocean, which is key to the global economy. Singh stressed the importance of rule-based freedom of navigation and maritime security in the current era of globalization to ensure world stability, economic progress and development.
Challenges such as piracy, terrorism, arms and drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal fishing and environmental damage are equally responsible for affecting maritime boundaries. Therefore, the role of the Indian Navy in the entire Indo-Pacific region has become very important, ”he added.


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