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2MW Solar Power Plant launched of Indian Navy launched in Navi Mumbai


NEW DELHI: The solar power plant of the 2-MW capacity of the Indian Navy was e-inaugurated in Navi Mumbai at the naval station on Tuesday. The Vice-Admiral Ajit Kumar, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Cheif, Western Naval Command, inaugurated the plant in the large area of the Naval Station.

Solar Power Plant

About the Solar Power Plant Setup that you need to know:

  • The Power Plant installed in Navi Mumbai is cost Rs 14 Crore, it was possibly established with the help of India Companies.
  • It can save up to Rs 30 Lakhs per month on electricity consumption charges, said by the official.
  • The system of the whole Solar Plant will be monitored with the computers, which help to calculate the energy consumption and prevent fault usability.
  • This Solar Power Plant in Navi Mumbai is totally tracked by the system which can improve the proper use and enhanced performance.
  • Along with Solar Panel and Tracking tables, it also has inverter system.

The solar power plant of the 2-MW capacity is established to meet the energy requirement of the Naval Station area of Navi Mumbai.

It is the best step taken by the Official of the Indian Navy, it will provide the uninterrupted electricity services to the Force.

It can fill the 1/3rd power needs of Karanja Station’s annually which is a good initiative.

The power plant can save electricity bill of Rs 3.65 crore per anum in the Navy.

The solar power plant is the resource from which we can generate free energy from the sunlight it also helps us to save our environment because reduces the pollution rate made by the fuel used for generating electricity to fulfill our requirement. So it good that everyone should use solar panels in our home to save our resources and environment.

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