Four-time Olympic gold medalist Simon Byles told New York Magazine that he should have given up gymnastics before Tokyo, where he suffered a “twisting” incident that thwarted his efforts to win six golds.
The 24-year-old American Summer Games, dropped out of the opening event of the team competition in July, after just one vault and later said he was fighting a “twist”, a serious mental block where gymnasts lose their sense of orientation.
In an interview published Monday, Bills told the publication that he struggled with anxiety after arriving in Tokyo.
“If you’ve been looking at what’s been going on for the last seven years, I should never have made another Olympic team,” Byles said, referring to the time he spent in the media before handing out two prison sentences to former USA physician Larry Nasser, 40 to 125. Years and 40 to 175 years for the debauchery of gymnasts.
“I should have left before Tokyo.”
The 1-time World Championship champion told lawmakers earlier this month how the FBI and U.S. gymnasts and Olympic officials have failed to stop the sexual harassment that he and hundreds of other athletes have suffered.


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