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Amarkot / Rohtak: A Nihang Sikh surrendered to Punjab police on Saturday in connection with the killing of a farm worker near a farmers’ protest site on the Singhu border on Friday, the second person arrested for the murder. Narayan Singh of Rakh Devidaspura village in Amritsar district has admitted to the police that he had cut off Lakshbir Singh’s leg and he has no regrets about what he did.
Lakhbir was brutally attacked on Friday for allegedly insulting a Sikh scripture. His body was found confined to a police barricade near the Singhu border. Another Nihang Sikh, Sarabjit Singh, who was arrested on Friday, confessed to cutting off Lakhbir’s wrist. When he was produced in Sonipat court on Saturday, police said they had revealed the names of four Punjabis involved in the alleged murder.
Both Narayan and Sarabjit were seen in police custody wearing garlands around their necks, their horrific deeds provoking praise among hardline Nihang Sikhs. Sonipat DSP Birendra Singh said Sarajwit has been remanded in police custody for seven days. Although police recovered a sword, they have not yet recovered the weapon used in the killing.
On Saturday morning, police cordoned off the village of Rakh Devidaspura to arrest Narayan Singh after reports that he would surrender to the police in Amritsar. In view of the religious sensitivities surrounding the case, SSP Kaushal said caution was exercised while cornering Narayan in his village. Upon learning of the huge police presence, Nihang Sikh apparently tried to hide. The SSP said that Narayan, however, had gone out of his way and therefore went to the local gurdwara at noon to offer prayers and announced his surrender through his public address system.
Narayan told the media that he arrived in Delhi on October 15 at 5.35 am. He saw a group of people having a heated argument, so he stopped his car and asked what the matter was and was informed of the alleged impurity. Nihang Sikh claims that he first inquired whether Lakshvir was still alive. As he learned, he drew this sword and hacked the worker’s leg with three strokes. Others hung his body in a police barricade. Narayan said the victim survived 30-45 minutes after the attack.
“I have no regrets,” Narayan declared. He said, “Shri Guru Granth Sahib is revered by people of all religions including Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists.”
When asked how he was convinced that Lakbi was responsible for the impurity, Narayan claimed that he had seen 200-400 people fleeing with two copies of the holy book. He said a Nihang Sikh grabbed him and cut off his hand. Narayan Singh will be handed over to Haryana Police for further investigation.
Meanwhile, Lakshabir’s postmortem report revealed that he died due to excessive bleeding. According to a police officer, there were between five and 40 marks of injuries on the body of the worker, including his legs, due to sharp and blunt objects, the officer said.
Sonipat Superintendent of Police Jashandeep Singh Randhawa said police were looking into whether Sarabjit had any criminal record in demanding the amputation of Lokbir’s hand. “So far, we have not had any previous involvement with the crime. However, the investigation is ongoing, ”he said. While searching for others involved in the incident, the police are also likely to talk to the leaders of the protesting farmers about the incident.
Meanwhile, the Sammilita Kisan Morcha (SKM) has demanded an investigation into the incident, alleging conspiracy to sabotage the movement through religious chaos. “Media reports from Victim’s village and family indicate that he secretly received a mysterious phone call,” an SKM leader said. “Lakshvir Singh told his sister that his reach has now ‘increased’.


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