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School of India A rich blanket of multicultural diversity. Our students come from different backgrounds but at school they learn to live together as a large family regardless of their roots and create new and strong bonds with each other that are bound to last them a lifetime. The minds of children, contrary to our beliefs, are open. Friendships are built on the core values ​​without any expectations. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that all students are supervised, taught the importance of teaching proper ethics, which in turn is a prerequisite and helps a person develop emotionally and emotionally. The School of India basically believes in providing a conducive environment that enables students to learn to be fair and honest, to understand and to respect.

Our vision There needs to be a role model for schools in India and all over the world to democratize good quality education and build an education environment that creates socially responsible and balanced global citizens.


We are a school where our culture develops Happiness

Students are happy because the teachers are readily available and friendly.

Our infrastructure Meets the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the student.



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At SOI children are taught to be free thinkers. They are encouraged to show leadership, develop creativity and fulfill their ambitions.


We have an innovative curriculum that trains the child’s mind

‘Learn by doing’ and ‘Apply learning’ To solve real life problems.


We are a progressive school where education engages and engages with technology through digital classrooms.

We work to bring out the latent talents in our kids and enhance their skills so that they can excel in their respective fields. There is a thoughtful balance between teacher-directed work and child-directed activity. Young children learn from everything they do because they are naturally curious. Our kids develop attitudes about learning that last a lifetime.


We strongly believe in physical education and fitness.

Inter-school and inter-school sports competitions are organized regularly.

It evokes the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. Our extensive fitness program covers a full range of games, outdoor activities, yoga and aerobics.


Respecting the unity of creation and the unity of life, our learning environment is harmonious, healthy and in harmony with nature.

The landscape of education is constantly changing. The 21st century technological advancement and the widespread integration of these technologies into education and global access to the Internet has led to the complete emergence of the education system. Keeping pace with the times, the School of India has incorporated integrated technologies into teaching pedagogy, aware of the benefits they bring. In addition to physical classrooms, virtual spaces are exploding online resources and experiential learning in both fields, changing time, and paving the way for mixed learning through continuous learning.

The School of India celebrates India, celebrates children, inspires pride in the country and, most importantly, lays the foundation for children and countries to have more to share with this world. The organization truly promotes international thinking, ideas, concepts, people, professionals, philosophy, science, mathematics, art, life and much more. SCHOOL OF INDIA® is a CBSE School (CBSE Affiliation Code – 830681) for the next generation of Indians. School philosophy is inspired by the country that taught the world. School Of India Where tomorrow’s India is born today; Where nationalism precedes internationalism; Where everyone celebrates India and every student is proud to be Indian.


The School of India believes in creating an inclusive environment where individual learning needs are recognized and will inspire, excite and celebrate effort and achievement. The Integrated Curriculum is a combination of the best practices in the industry and is uniquely designed to enhance individual thinking. Interactive learning sessions with an emphasis on micro learning, group work and peer work among other topics are encouraged among the students.

The school is proud Implementing leading teaching methods for best results. Steam activity Encourage scientific research, explore the role of technology and mathematics, and empower them to engineer creative innovation.

The School of India Management is committed to ensuring global and digital citizenship by promoting elementary school creativity and play, middle school self-discovery and experimentation, and high school learning through networking.


The brief calamity caused by the epidemic has strengthened the school of India’s students’ resolve to work for self-learning, exploration, examination, analysis, joy, curiosity and the ability to ask the right questions at the right time. , Which is the measure by which they measure their unique school.

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