Samsung Galaxy M32 Review: Only for Binge Watchers?

The Galaxy M32 is the latest smartphone in the Galaxy M series, and it starts at Rs. 15,000. Given how important the sub-rupee is. For the 15,000 segment smartphone makers, there is a lot of competition to deal with the Galaxy M32 naturally. Samsung originally focused on the display and battery with this new smartphone, you can see it from its 90Hz Super AMOLED display and 6,000 mAh battery. Is this enough to help you get a place at the top of your wish list, or does it become less so? I tested the Galaxy M32 and here is my review.

Samsung Galaxy M32 price in India

The Galaxy M32 starts at Rs. The base variant has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage in 14,999 in India. The higher variant offers 6GB RAM and 128GB storage at Rs 16,999. The offer has two color options, light blue and black. For this review I had the base variant of the Galaxy M32 in light blue.

Samsung Galaxy M32 design

The Samsung Galaxy M32 sports a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with a dew groove at the top. It has a thin bezel around and at the top but the lower chin is thicker. The frame and back are made of plastic. Samsung has curved the frame around which makes this phone comfortable to hold and use.


Samsung has chosen a side-mounted fingerprint scanner that sits to the right of the frame. At the moment of price it is now a common feature in smartphones. The fingerprint scanner on the side is a bit more than where I liked it but it’s still accessible. The result of this type of placement is that the volume buttons are pushed further up and you have to stretch your thumb to reach them.

The Galaxy M32 does not have a camera bump


On the left side of the frame is the SIM tray of the Galaxy M32, which has two nano-SIM slots and a dedicated slot for storage expansion. You’ll find a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy M32 at the bottom with a USB Type-C port and a bottom-firing speaker.

The back panel is glossy and picks up fingerprints rather easily. I need to delete the smartphone. In the upper left corner is the quad-camera module that flushes around the back of the smartphone. The Galaxy M32 measures approximately 9.3mm in thickness and weighs 196g which is noticeable when holding it. The weight and bulk is mainly responsible for the large 6,000mAh battery packing it. The Galaxy M32 25W is capable of fast charging but sadly comes with only a 15W charger in the box.

Samsung Galaxy M32 Specification

The Galaxy M32 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G80 processor and has 4GB or 6GB of RAM depending on the variant you choose. With the base variant you will get 64GB of internal storage while the higher one gives 128GB of storage. You have no option to expand the storage using a dedicated microSD card slot. The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display sports a full-HD + resolution and has a 90Hz refresh rate, which is lacking in the more expensive Galaxy M42 (review). The display is crisp and has good viewing angles. Samsung claims top brightness of 800nits in high brightness mode.

The phone supports Bluetooth 5, dual-band WiFi and 4G VoLTE, but no NFC. It has four satellite navigation systems on board and support for the Samsung Pay Mini.


Samsung Galaxy M32 Dedrop Gadgets 360 Samsung Galaxy M32 Review

The Galaxy M32 has a deodrop notch with a 20-megapixel selfie camera

Samsung has shipped its latest One UI 3.1K to the top of Android 11. My review unit had a May Android security patch. If you use a Samsung smartphone, the user experience is quite familiar and you should not face problems navigating around. However, the phone comes with many predefined applications. During the setup it is advisable to install more applications and this step was not easy to avoid. Many of these applications can now be uninstalled to reduce clutter on the device. I got push notifications from any of them, which was annoying.


Samsung’s AltZ also provides features that allow you to create a separate secure folder. You can secure photos and apps and then access them with double-pressing the power button. The Galaxy M32 has a game launcher that lets you play games without any hassle and can also block incoming notifications and gestures. Game Launcher gives you the option to club games installed in the same folder.

Samsung Galaxy M32 performance and battery life

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy M32 has a 90Hz refresh rate which helps the interface to look smooth and fluid most of the time. I still noticed some fuss while using the phone and it took a little longer than expected to load apps and multitask. The Galaxy M32 received a software update during the review period that reduced this hassle, but the loading time did not change. If you do multitasking often, the 4GB RAM variant may not be the ideal choice for you. The side-mounted fingerprint scanner was quick to unlock the smartphone. I found the display on the outside to be quite bright and the AMOLED display was crisp enough to enjoy seeing the content in it,

I can play casual games on Galaxy M32 without any problem. The processor didn’t feel stressed and I didn’t notice any lag or lift. I also saw the Call of Duty: Galaxy M32 using a mobile and it ran at low preset for graphics when setting the frame rate to medium. The game can be played in these settings without any problems. The Galaxy M32 game didn’t warm up after 20 minutes of play, and it recorded a 4 percent reduction in battery life.

The Galaxy M32 didn’t fire the weights and its scores were modest compared to other phones at the price level. In Antu, the Galaxy M32 was able to gain 160,106 points, and it got 6,595 at Peacemark Work 3.0. The Redmi Note 10S, on the other hand, was able to score 330,650 and 8,242 in these tests, respectively.


Samsung Galaxy M32 Camera Module Gadgets 6060 Samsung Galaxy M32 Review

The Galaxy M32 has a quad-camera setup

The Galaxy M32 has also been able to do 39fps and 8.1fps on GFXbench’s T-Rex and Car Chase benchmarks, respectively. The relatively older Realme 7 (review), which competes with the Galaxy M32, has done 44fps and 17fps, respectively. The Galaxy M32 is clearly not the most powerful smartphone in its category and those looking for performance should look elsewhere.


The large 6,000mAh battery that Samsung has spread across the Galaxy M32 provides a very good battery life. This lasted for more than a day and a half without any problems, although the display refresh rate is always set at 90Hz. In our HD video loop test, the phone was able to score 20 hours 56 minutes which is very good. The charge of speed though leaves many to be desired. While the Galaxy M32 supports 25W fast charging, Samsung has given it a 15W charger in the cable box. Using this bundled charger, the larger battery has risen to 22 percent in 30 minutes and 44 percent in one hour. It took a full two hours to charge the phone. You can leave it to charge overnight, but if you want to get to the top faster, you’ll need to spend extra on a faster 25W charger.

Samsung Galaxy M32 camera

The Galaxy M32 is equipped with a 64-megapixel primary camera with a quad-camera setup, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera, a 2-megapixel macro camera, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. The 4-megapixel camera uses pixel binning to deliver 16-megapixel shots by default. For selfies, it has a 20-megapixel sensor with dew-drop notch. The camera app is what we used to see on other Samsung devices. It has scene recognition which is enabled by default and it is quick to detect scenes

Daylight images taken with the Galaxy M32 have turned out well but don’t have the best dynamic range. Scene detection is quick to set up the phone and the colors at the outputs are slightly enhanced. You have the option to disable it before taking the shot. The details were strictly average and a distance text was ineligible. The ultra-wide angle camera offers a wide field of view and is able to keep the distortion under investigation. However, the details are not optimal which is obvious when it comes to zooming.


Samsung Galaxy M32 Daytime Camera Sample (Tap to view full size)

Sample of Samsung Galaxy M32 ultra-wide angle camera (tap to view full size)


The Galaxy M32 does close-ups very well and manages a soft depth between the subject and the background. The subjects were sharp and the colors were fairly accurate. The portrait shots had good edge detection and the Galaxy M32 lets you select the level of blur before taking the shot. The macro shots were decent but I had to try different angles to block the light while holding the phone very close to the subject. Output at resolution is limited to 2 megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy M32 Close-up Camera Sample (Tap to view full size)


Sample of Samsung Galaxy M32 Portrait Camera (Tap to view full size)

Scene detection in low light was quick to change settings, and the Galaxy M32 used a slightly longer exposure to take each shot. The phone was able to control the noise but fine grain was visible in the output. You get a dedicated night mode, which takes about 5 seconds to capture the shot. The phone can also be slightly cut in the frame to reduce vibration during shooting. The resulting images have some good details in the shadows, but there has been no huge improvement.


Sample of Samsung Galaxy M32 Low-Light Camera (Tap to view full size)

Sample of Samsung Galaxy M32 Night Mode Camera (Press to view full size)


The selfies were decent with good details. Portrait selfies were also good and the phone handled good edge detection. Even after dark with a nearby light source, the Galaxy M32 managed to take good selfies. Samsung has beautification by default, which speeds up the output, but you can disable it.

Sample of Samsung Galaxy M32 Portrait Selfie Camera (Tap to view full size)


Sample of Samsung Galaxy M32 Low-Light Portrait Camera (Tap to view full size)

Video recording is at the top at 1080p for beginners and selfie cameras. The footage shook in daylight shots and the phone failed to fully stabilize the shots. Visible vibrations are also found in short-light footage if recorded while walking around. Video recording is not one of the most powerful cases of the Galaxy M32.


Samsung claims that the Galaxy M32 Bing is for observers, and its crisp AMOLED display and large 6,000mAh battery make it quite possible. You can see the content in it in the long run without the need to recharge it. If you’re not a heavy user, there’s no reason to complain other than the Galaxy M32’s disappointing low-light camera performance.


However if you are a heavy user you will find that the Galaxy M32 does not provide the same level of performance as the competition. It is not the most powerful device below Rs 15,000 and the relatively slow charging speed for its huge battery can be a cause for concern. Many people are better off with the Redmi Note 10S (review) or the Realmy 7 (review) instead. Many manufacturers are now pushing 5G as a feature at this price level, so if you want a phone ready for the future, it won’t fit any of the bills.


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