Salman Khan Visits Shah Rukh Khan After Aryan’s Arrest In Drugs Case




Actor Salman Khan has reached Shah Rukh Khan’s house ‘Mannat’



Actor Salman Khan visited Shah Rukh Khan’s Mumbai home around midnight on Sunday, just hours after the anti-drug agency arrested superstar’s son Aryan Khan. In the visuals, Salman Khan is seen driving inside the gate of Shah Rukh Khan’s house name ‘Mannat’ in the back seat of a white SUV.

Seven people, including Aryan (2), were arrested on Sunday after the Narcotics Control Bureau or NCB raided a party on a cruise ship off the Mumbai coast.

Shortly before the arrest was confirmed, Shah Rukh Khan was seen leaving his house and going to his lawyer’s office.


The charges against Aryan include the purchase, possession and use of prohibited substances. He is in the custody of NCB till tomorrow.

Aryan’s lawyer Satish Manishinde demanded bail, saying he was arrested only on the basis of a chat message.

“On the cruise, Aryan had no tickets, no cabins or seats. He was there because he was invited. He didn’t even have a boarding pass. Nothing was found. He was only arrested on a chat basis,” the lawyer said.


Sources said the NCB team boarded the Goa-bound ship in disguise of passengers on Saturday morning. According to officials, the party started after the ship left Mumbai and went to sea. The operation started at 10 am and lasted till 2 pm.


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