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Manchester (UK): Cristiano Ronaldo’s big transfer to Manchester United has replaced Lionel Messi as the world’s highest paid footballer, according to the latest Forbes rankings.
Ronaldo is set to earn আগে 125 million before taxes in the 2021-22 season, with বেতন 700 million coming from salaries and bonuses to return to United. Ready to earn an estimated 55 55 million (£ 40.31 million) from the 36-year-old commercial contract, only three active athletes earn more commercially: Roger Federer ($ 90 million), LeBron James ($ 65 million) and Tiger Woods ($ 60). Million).

His longtime and rival Lionel Messi will earn 110 110 million (£ 80.63 million) this season, according to Forbes, ডেস 75 million (£ 50 million) from his salary and bonus at Park des Princess. The former Barcelona star will pad his PSG pay-check with approvals of approximately 35 million.

PSG now claims three of the top five highest paid players in the world, including 29-year-old Neymar, who landed at No. 3 again with 95 95 million, and 22-year-old Killian Mbappe, who is ranked No. 4 at $ 43 million.
In total, the 10 highest-paid footballers are set to earn about 58 585 million (42 8,428 million) in pretzels this season, up from a total of 70 570 million (£ 471 million) last year.


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