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Written by Aarti Chopra

During the lockdown, when all public places were closed, schools used the best possible digital platforms to share curriculum and engage students without any obvious harm to a child’s growth and development. Kinesthetic activities such as sports, dance, yoga, etc. as well as industrial integration were included as there was no other option. Parents cooperated a lot and homeschooling emerged as a viable option to share knowledge during difficult times of the epidemic.



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Providing rich content and the best possible curriculum online is crucial, but there are a number of reasons – vague and often overlooked – that make it possible to learn what is equally or more important the way we know it. They are neglected in homeschooling due to lack of physical proximity and emotional attachment. We must acknowledge that there is more to education than just the data and scores that a school provides. A school is an ecosystem where mental, social, kinetic and psychomotor skills are developed along with cognitive skills, which enables holistic development. So what is ‘life skills’ which is not generally considered as ‘flame’ or ‘flame’ but is an integral part of life success and not measurable.

Engaging in extracurricular activities teaches specific skills – such as how to play an instrument – but how to be part of a team, how to be a gracious winner or loser, and that perseverance leads to success. Involvement in sports, for example, is associated with higher levels of confidence and academic performance. Thus, full online learning has its own limitations, although the hybrid pattern remains for the future.

The first step is to think about reopening the schools, which have received guidelines from the government. Students should be encouraged to return to school following the Kovid guidelines. Embracing the new normal is also a practice that should guide the youth of the society as it will include self-sufficiency and freedom of thought and action.


The biggest lesson from this epidemic is that change is inevitable and parents, school management and the wider community must work to adapt to the new normal and return to school. The new knowledge is that pollution or bad weather or epidemics will no longer prevent school administration from completing the annual curriculum because a hybrid / online plan will always lag behind. Learning is rewarding by making learning experiential, setting personalized learning goals, and collaborating in a real classroom setting. Schools have been tasked with laying a strong foundation for good quality systems, stimulating life skills and enlightening the mind.

It is essential that students return to school as soon as the situation returns to normal, to enjoy the ambiguity of learning.

Author Principal, Amity International School, Sector 46, Gurgaon

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