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Hyderabad: Nutritionists have called for a national change in policy on vitamin A supplements, saying vitamin A deficiency in children is no longer a public health problem.
They argued that vitamin A supplementation could result in an overdose of vitamin A or hypervitaminosis. Researchers from the city-based National Institute of Nutrition, St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore and Sitaram Bharatiya Institute of Science and Research in New Delhi have warned of the potential risk of hypervitaminosis. In their study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers evaluated whether vitamin A deficiency still presents a serious public health problem in children under five.
The study found that the national risk of vitamin A deficiency is below 20% among children in India “It is time to revise the mega-dose of vitamin A and adopt a targeted state-based vitamin A supplement program. , ”It says.
The survey focused on samples from the Integrated National Nutrition Survey conducted in 30 states during 2011-201-2016, said NIN Director Hemaltha R. Of these, 15.7% were. India’s children of the year, less than 20% mark which defines a serious public health problem ”, he said.
There were few infants (as low as 0.4%) with low serum retinal values ​​who were more likely to develop serious clinical problems.


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