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New Delhi: A renewed focus on green economic recovery in India from Covid-1 will create more jobs, long-term growth and livelihoods, according to a new report from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the Oxford University Economic Recovery Project and VVID.

Exploring two other countries with large domestic coal production besides India, Poland and China, the report models how green systems, especially rehabilitation and making buildings more energy-efficient, can yield better economic results.

For all countries, the report provides a generalized roadmap for policymakers to recover green from the economic crisis.



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Brian O’Claghan, lead researcher and project manager at the Oxford University Economic Recovery Project, said:

“Our research suggests that public investment in green enterprises can provide strong economic returns, and if well noticed, addresses social inequality and creates a clean natural environment. This is especially true during economic downturns where job creation and economic recovery are significant. It’s important. ”

Karina Campian, project lead at the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, said: “The low-carbon world will help ensure a healthy and prosperous future for today’s children. The numbers in this report show the impact of green recovery investments. It is impossible to ignore the sectoral effect. ”

Beyond its economic benefits, green recovery from epidemics will save lives through improved air quality.

Researchers estimate that if India allocates as much money to green stimulus systems as coal power (billion 7. billion), it could suffer 34,000 fewer deaths and 56,000 fewer congenital complications.


For the three countries (India, Poland and China), prioritizing ecological recovery could be the key to strengthening the post-epidemic job market. The research team’s modeling found that hydropower was the most work-intensive of all the interventions studied, increasing short-term employment by 191 job years for every 1 1 million investment.

Their study also found that investing in sustainable rehabilitation for every মিল 10 million would release up to 3.2 megatons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Making new and old buildings environmentally friendly will also significantly strengthen economic production while reducing CO2 emissions, and the three countries have the potential to increase the size and scope of their activities, the report said.

The report’s key recommendations for India are to prioritize investment in electric transport, clean cooking, renewable energy solutions, natural capital and sustainable agriculture, sovereign green bonds, green financial incentives and long-term investment in capacity building at all levels. Launch a dedicated taskforce for government and green recovery.


The ‘Roadmap to Green Recovery’ has been published by the Economic Recovery Project at Oxford University’s Smith School.

The research was funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation with additional support from the Climate Works Foundation.

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